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  1. I'm just relocated from the east coast. I've got my best buddy ready to come out and fish for Pinks during the legendary 09 run. He's got the last week of August and the first week of September free. Is one week better than the other for fishing the sound? I'm in Issaquah, and would probably fish the central or northern sound, unless it's better to fish Hood or somewhere south. We'll probably try the river inlets as well, but for keepers, we'll fish the salt.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. most of the pinks fresh from the salt come in the end of july and beggining to middle of august. so i dont know if there will be any in the salt, but you may run into a few. I might be wrong and correct me if i am, but if they are in there then go for august. id reccomend hitting the rivers not to high from the salt instead, like the lower sky, snoqualmie, and anywere on the snohomish.

  3. it will vary year to year but i would suggest that later will give him more opportunities at fish. It has seemed the past few years that most runs have been late.
    The tides the first week of august are also some pretty good silver beach fishing tides.
  4. The entire month of august will be good in Puget Sound, both north and south. You're best off if you have a boat of some kind, the public beaches will be packed. I'd advise him to come in the end of August.

    If you have the budget the coho/rockfishing at Neah Bay will be awesome that time of year, or you could bust out the 12wts and do albacore. Both are spendy trips and a fair amount of traveling.
  5. I have found that the last week of July is usually when the Pinks start showing and by the middle of August there here in numberss. The smaller fish seem to arrive earlier. By the third week in August you start seeing some pretty large humps on the males and by the last week, they have started to turn color and fewer numbers are coming through the salt. I usually fish Area 11 so I'm talking specifically about the Puyallup river run which is expected to be in the 650,000 plus range. And, yes, the beaches will be packed so fish accordingly.
  6. The first week of September might be a little late for pinks, but great for silvers.
    The tides are good the first week of September as well.
    One other thing to consider about that week. The kids will be back in school after labor day. You'll have less folks to deal with on the beaches, like the ones that walk directly into your backcast, throw the ball to their dog right in front of where you are fishing.........
    Good Luck
  7. later is better if he only has those 2 weeks to choose from. Should be a great year for pinks in the sound.
  8. Thanks for all the input.

    Are the beaches that packed during the pink run, even during weekdays? How is the fishing under the Narrows bridges?
  9. Dave, the best advice I can offer is this. Wake up early, earlier than all the redneck fatasses that think they are waking up early. Get to the beach, Fish for a few hours, leave the beach, find breakfast. Then find a bar. Drink, watch preseason football, head back to the beach in the late afternoon. Fish again.

    Repeat daily
  10. When I fish the beach for pinks I'm usually up by 4:30 and on the water by 5 or so. It gets crowded by 8 or 9am. That's about when I bail to head to work. I don't bother on the weekends, wayyy to packed. That's boat time, oddly enough, the boat launches get so f'ing packed in the summer time I end up driving an extra 30 minutes to a larger ramp in Tacoma just to avoid the cluster fuq at Redondo and Des Moines.

    I don't think there are any significant pink runs south of the Puyallup, I've not heard of any pinks being caught under the narrows or beyond (south). That being said, I bet there are some stray fish around down there.
  11. A good buddy of mine Buys a slip for his boat at edmonds just for the months of july and august. Its pricey, but its nice to park, get on the boat, and be gone!
  12. ibn is correct, the Nisqually is only forecast for 2,000 humpsters this year. Your best bet is to stay north of the mouth of the Puyallup if you want to slay pinks.
  13. Fishing can be quite good for Silvers under the Narrows, but you won't find a lot of pinks. The major Pink rivers are all located to the north of the Narrows and there is little reason for the Humpies to be down there.
  14. 1.2 million pinks forcast to return to the Skagit River this year, yeah, 1.2 million. If you can get your hands on a boat, (as small as a 14 footer will work on a calm day) put in at Coronet Bay on Whidbey Island and putt out into the east side of the island anytime from August thru early September and there should be enough pink salmon around you can sight cast to the schools.
  15. So, get ready to slug it out on the beaches if I don't have a boat. Try to find a place at the river inlets, not too far from the salt. Don't forget to fish for the silvers.

    I think I got it. Thanks for the info!

  16. Dave, some of us have humble old ass but servicable boats of the 14' Livingston variety. Oh, those boats from 1977 are old and ugly, but the fishdontcare (as my buddy Mark would say).
  17. Just so you all know, the pink run has been canceled this year so you should all stay home and help your SO clean the house and drink beer.

  18. According the the Seattle Times the Puget Sound is forecasted to have 5.4 Million pinks returning. Yo will be able to walk across the boats from possesion bar to Edmonds.
  19. Just don't tell my wife.
  20. Nothing wrong with those old Livingston boats Ed at all. They are great stable casting platforms that will handle rough water pretty well and even float when full of water like mine was back in the late 70's in my youth one time in a major water fight with a couple pretty young gals. Mine also was dragged onto many a shores and did some rocky river runs on an interesting little salt lagoon up North that you would run the tides into the lagoon on in coming tide and back out on out going tide bouncing through rocks both ways. The hull took the beating with just scratches to the gel coat.
    The only draw back is they are not as good on gas at slow speeds because of the extra water they push.
    But other then that they are great well made boats.

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