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    Hello everyone,

    Who has intel on the status of the pink run? I've seen isolated reports of fish here and there, but nothing that indicates the masses have come through the Straight. Can anyone report on activity in the west sector of MA9?

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    Well Scott you can do like me and so many of the rest of us...Get out there and take a look for yourself!!!

    I try and call or pm a couple guys for help and then drive down or out and take it from there..I can hear the snickers already from the guys who've I've bugged the heck out of...but it's how you learn, not reading or believing what someone else tells you...

    Which by the way if it was me would be about as far away from where I actually caught something then otherwise....:thumb:
  3. Sounds to me like you know as much as the rest of us. Spotty through out the sound. From other threads the schools heading to the Puyallup are showing, but the crowds are too in the areas where people are beginning to catch fish. As for the west sector of MA 9, I was out on Saturday and only saw one caught the entire morning.
  4. Chad Lewis

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    Was out on the east coast of Whidbey today for the tide change and there was nothing. Saw a few baitfish jump but that was it. Heard some gouge about a few caught around the west side in the Deception Pass area.
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    To Everyone. When you find fish, don't say anything on this forum. You will be thankful, it's less crowded. Let the true fisherman go find fish himself. Be kool... think twice before posting. Thanks Pals. Let the hunt proceed! :D
  7. It is just now august....still needs some time
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    Was at an unmentioned but fairly well known location (not PNP) this am. Saw several jumpers, though most were out of reach. One or two were large looking. I think things will pick up over the next week.
  9. Chris Johnson

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    The tests in the straits (area 20 ), are usualy biggest the after the 2nd week in Aug. From there they are still a few days away!
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    I was in MA 9 last wkd and there were some sparse pinks there near Edmonds. This week in was in MA 10. Not alot to report here, but I did see a couple of lucky souls pull in a couple, but you have to put in your time just to get that many.
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    The pink run has been canceled this year
  12. Matthew Gulbranson

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    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I think I heard that too. Everyone might as well pack it up and go home, they are just not coming bawling:;)

    I did finally catch my first pink last night at the oh-so-(hoodsport)secret spot. Reminded me of combat chum fishin'. Oh what fun!:confused:
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    Last weekend I picked up my first pink this year. From a Kayak I built, and on a fly that I tied. I just started tying two months ago (thanks to the folks at the AA for all the info). My first time flyfishing from a seakayak. Freaky at first, and then you settle down.
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    Was in MA 11 yesterday with about 100 others and brought in two Pinks within 5 mins after 1.5 hours of throwing my arm out. It was my first day of fishing for Pinks this year. Had to say it was a good evening. I guess I was the just in the right spot at the right time, as I only saw one other caught in the 2 hours I was there.
  15. I wish the AA I went to taught me how to build kayaks and tie flies...:beer2:ptyd:rofl:

    Good work on the pinky. They no likey me though...
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    Now that is cool...congratulations!! Didn't know they taught fly tying at AA tho...?? I may hafta' go back.....:beathead:

  17. yellowlab

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    So you got two in the pink and the 99 others got one in the stink. Good job!
  18. Shock'n'awe!!!
  19. Tony

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    This being my first year to really give any thought to pinks so can't really say how it should be, but I can say it seems spotty at best right now I've caught a few in area 9 and have seen the gear guys getting some but it seems like the fish are coming in small schools, people will get into them and then it stops as the fish go by, no real long term action.
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    the pink is going on over on the island at the usual beaches.
    check the other fishing site (P/P) the one that local O/P guide has.
    nuff said.