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  1. pea soup fog this am, visability maybe 200', perfect for sneaking up on the pinks in the dungeness triangle. back out tomorrow am to see if they are sticking around. they were full of 2-2 1/2" fingerlings, stuffed that is.........
  2. Still spotty, wait a week to week and half. Should get on fire.

  3. Funny, I had a buddy call all fly fisherman snobs. I disagreed as my experiences on the river have been the opposite.

    I hope he never looks at this forum. There are some serious Nubs in here.

    For those who don't want the report posted. Whidbey Island is doing well for Pinks. Humpy Hallow in the boat is still slow but they are there.

    There are enough pinks to go around so don't be a @$$ post your reports. I know I will. Despite the haters.
  4. here that reelucky
  5. low light and miserable visablility followed by fog then rain, drizzle to real rain, followed by wind and a change in direction, led to a single rip forming, pow! it's slow for us, but the pinks are there. oh, and we were the one and only boat hunting :)

    p.s. why people smoke these fish, unless you really like smoked fish, is beyond me. pinks are delicious eating, slap'um on the barbie and enjoy what may be the most delicate eating salmon out there, way better than those oily chinook!
  6. Man that sure is the truth right there. I love them BBQed with a wedge of fresh lemon and a little salt and pepper. Im thinking that is sounding so good right now.
  7. Thanks to all for the helpful responses, and for the support Reelucky. I worked MA9 hard Friday and Saturday from Dark-thirty to 10am. I found a few fish on the surface Saturday. No major concentrations, just a few here and there. While I've heard some favorable reports in MA9, I've also found I am not alone in this assessment.

    Can someone explain to me how and why MA11 heats up before MA9 and 10? Maybe they sneak down the shipping lanes at night? Seriously though, please share your theories on this phenomenon.


  8. The Puyallup fish seem to show a bit earlier than the north sound fish. The popular Area 11 spots are located in an area where those fish seem to stack up and stage before their entry into the river. Those fish move through Area 9 and 10, but the odds of a fisherman intercepting one are lower since they're just moving through and not stacked up like they are in Area 11.

    That's my theory at least.:D
  9. Tru Dat! the one I had last evening was wonderful. My wife had never had pink. She is a fan now. Mild, flaky and awesome.

    BTW, has anybody noticed that restaurants are trying to pawn chum off as "keta" salmon? Now that is f'n hilarious.:eek:
  10. why not, since some people seem to enjoy salmon with no oil... seems pretty savvy.

    don't get me wrong, ocean fresh pinks bled and quickly and properly iced can be decent tablefare, but to say their better than chinooks just means a lack of taste buds, or a lack of success catching kings.
  11. That makes sense, thanks. Do the "northern" pinks behave the same way? Just race down to 8-2 and stage?
  12. as for how fast the pink move into rivers. we (friends) have found it depends on the temp. of the river they are returning to and water flow. for the Snohomish if the river is on the warm side. the fish will stay in salt longer. 2 years ago we had a much cooler and good water flow in the snoho and the fish moved right in without stopping.
    just my 2 cents.
    also the pink move much faster in the skagit than other rivers. good water temps and flow.
    you can really notice this with the other salmon. silvers will move out of salt much faster on a cool water rising river.
  13. In my experience I agree with Skyrise. The opposite is true as well. The kings returning to the Icicle river in Levanworth wait until the river warms up before entering and will hold in numbers on the Columbia until the Wenatchee warms up then hold on the wenatchee until the Icicle warms up.

    WDFW finds this out by chips implanted in fish.

    Although the WDFW doesn't give a shit about Pinks to study them. That was from the WDFW officers mouth and the fish counters at the docks.
  14. ahh topwater, taste buds aplenty. i don't care for oily fish, re - chinook. in the days of yor i would quickly and easily trade chinook for coho at the boat ramp at depot. i came away with great table fare and the other guy got a bigger fish. on the table, coho has it hands down. small chinook <10# are also good to eat. but pinks, well now, delicate flavor, lack of gallons of oil, not much is better than that.
  15. this guy was delicious broiled with a mirin and soy glaze with fresh fingerlings from the garden

    fishing was fun as well
  16. The cat or the salmon?
  17. the cat was kind of ropey

    tonight its salmon eggrolls in a vietnamese noodle bowl
  18. MMMM, sounds good!! Great idea :thumb:
  19. Dont forget to take the guts to the guitar shop and get some money back. Thats how I support my addiction to FF during these tough economic times!

  20. Yes it is the Russian name for Chum Salmon

    sounds better than DOG doesn't it?

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