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  1. Today was my day. Met a friend at the boat launch in Gig Harbor for a shot at some pinks. First stop was off Vashon Island where fish on on my second cast. Next fish was lost when he got wrapped around our anchor line. All in all we hooked at least 6 fish before the run was over.

    Next we headed over to Dash Point. Not many boats but we must have pulled into the right area. Before you knew what was happening fish on. We were both hooking fish on a regular basis. Had our first double there. And a seal got a fish away from Dan. He was into his backing before the seal showed himself.

    Next we moved off to Browns Point where we again anchored in the path of another run. We had at least 3 doubles along with a number of singles. I hooked so many pinks today that I lost count.

    I was using my new Echo 10' 7wt with 40+ line and some home brewed pink flies. It was was blast. I may never get another chance like this since I usually fish from the beach but I really created some great memories today. Thanks for the ride Dan.

  2. Mike you are ruined
    sounds like an epic day
    just remember you have had hours and hours of slogging the water
    so enjoy the fruits
  3. rotator,

    Boy are you right. Saturday I was casting from these beaches without so much as a bump. I like fishing from the beach but boy what a difference a boat and good skipper make.

  4. We've been picking up Chum & Silvers & Dollies & Pinks.

  5. Marty is that WA or Ak
  6. It is a great time to introduce family and friends into fly fishing
  7. South Sound. :)
  8. there everywhere, should be htting in september more so!
  9. Also the Scientific name for Chum.. Oncorhyncus Keta, however, it is still Chum and Restaurants don't wanna call it that for obvious reasons. People know it sucks. Chum didn't get its name as dog salmon because of the teeth like many people state, it got its name because that is what the tlingkits, inuit and athabascans feed to the dogs.
  10. iagree

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