Places to Shoot - Legally??

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  1. Headed over to the Puyallup Sportsman Club today for some quality time with the new CZ. I found this link in another forum (might not be the most current), but it does suggest that if one cares to spend some time reviewing maps, they might be able to locate some reasonably close places to legally shoot at other than pay to shoot locations. Sounds like an opportunity for one of the forums younger computer savvy types to create an "app" ;) Title 12 "No Shooting" lists the designated no shoot areas and criteria for those not listed. I presume Pierce County has a similar set of reg's -- haven't yet looked.

    If anyone knows of places within a 30 mile radius of Tacoma and is willing to share, either here or via PM, it would be appreciated.
  2. Jerry has a big place. I'm sure he wouldn't mind being woken up on his day off.

    We can use that bright blue thing for a target.;)
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  3. Funny Jeff :D:D

    Just got back from the the Tacoma Sportsman Club and figured I'd post my impressions -- for any others who, like me, have never been there. After hearing the lovely, English accented lady say "destination is on left", I saw only a left turn to now shit, just a barricade in front of a short section of blacktop. After another 1/2 mile up Canyon, I thought this trip might be a short one. Back tracking, I finally see the entrance and turn into the driveway...I suspect I'm not the first one who's done this.

    Not too many folks there, and no one on the trap shoots. Inquired at the counter that this was my first time there and that I wanted to shoot a few rounds of trap. At $6/25 birds ($5 for members), that sure seems like a reasonable price to me. I paid my money and by the time I got my gun and ammo out of the truck, two others were at one of the stations. Watching them for a few minutes proved valuable as I quickly saw how to operate the voice activated launcher...very slick system. Firing a new/used gun for the first time is always has a little drama, but the Canvasback did just fine. Hopefully missing the first shot with a gun isn't bad karma :eek:

    I managed a 15/25, 18/25 and 18/25. 75 shots and no issues at all...very happy with the gun. I may look into getting a recoil pad, might help the reach a little. After shooting my rounds, I waked over to watch the other two skeet stations...definitely looked fun and a bit more challenging than the trap lines. Turned out one of the guys is another Boeing employee and a member who invited me back to try the skeet shoot.

    Overall, the place seemed really low key and user friendly. Pistol/riffle and archery ranges along with a nice clubhouse round out the facility...I will definitely be back.
  4. I joined Tacoma about two years ago when it got to be a real hassle getting on JBLM. I got a lot of help from the rifle range manager (Curt) and I like their low key but very firm safety management. I also like the low key skeet range,too.
  5. It has gotten harder to find places to target shoot even over here in the wide open country of the dry side.
    It's the asshat litter bugs that screw it up for the rest of us.
  6. I took skeet lessons out there a few years ago: really great group of folks, nice range.
    I need to get back.
  7. That no shooting zone doesn't apply to shotguns and most pistols by the way. And in the national forests, there's this little law called Pittman-Robertson act that delineates use of the forests, shooting among them. Police your brass!
  8. Folks bring up a good point about litter. From my point of view, shooting clays outside of a designated facility just isn't an option - too messy.

    I'm all about shooting sports but nothing pisses me off more then when I come across a "range" on a FS or BLM road that is littered with casings, shot up appliances, 55 gallon drums, etc. It does nothing but alienates us from other outdoor users - and we can little afford that.
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  9. Pretty much. And those jerks are the first to cry foul when those places get shut down. What the hell did they think was going to happen? Be a good neighbor or get booted out.
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