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  1. here are some of my new beaded flies


    the pictures i made dont show the pearly translucency as good as IRL, you have to see these to believe it

    hooks left to right:
    partridge #14 klinkhamer
    tiemco 2312#14
    tiemco 2487#12 & #14

    head:goldhead, white pearle bead as head
    underbody: tyingthread in diff colors, tinsel optional too i used some geen/pearle on some, silver on others
    overbody: clear/cleargreen pearle beads
    clear varnish, i pinched "lancome" clear nailvarnish from girlfriend, i hope she dont read this

    the beads can be obtained in the cheap jewelery shops or diy shops

    slip on beadhead
    tie on red tying thread8/0
    cover hookshank and cut off
    slip on beads
    attach red thread at back and secure beads (optional, gives a nice butt)
    then coat with 2 to 4 layers of varnish
    optional: when dry take pliers and crush top (1 or 2) of beads and tie and wrap peacock herls

    heres one more


    there you go, fool a trout and be sure to show some pics here

    happy tying,
  2. what size beads?
  3. seed beadsize, the flies on the left have a 7/64" gold beadhead, to give you some form of dimensions
  4. Those look deadly! What do you cover with varnish?? Is it simply to secure the thread wraps or does it add something to the finish on the beads?

  5. nice tyes! Those look like they ought to fool a few fish!
  6. Teach her to tie and praise her endlessly. She won't mind being pinched; she might grow to like it.

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