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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Golden Trout, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen: I humbly ask for your help by signing a petition at the following site to save Olympic Wrestling. As a high school wrestling coach for 39 years, I could give you many reasons why this sport is so important to many young men and women. Instead I simply ask you to think of this save in the same light as saving a precious body of water that you hold dear in your heart.

    Thank you, so much.
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  2. Chris Johnson Member: Native Fish Society

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    Thank you for posting.
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    As a former wrestler myself I find this utterly amazing that the IOC wants to dump wrestling. I signed the petition. I was actually amazed during the last summer olympics that there was so little coverage of the wrestling events. I saw more coverage of silly ribbon twirlers than olympic wrestling. Wrestling has a huge following all over the world.
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    Here's the Keep Wrestling In The Olympics facebook page. Over 100K Likes so far but they can still use yours.

    My daughter (and fishing partner) is a college wrestler and trying to make the women's US FILA Jr National team right now. 2020 is her best bet for her ultimate goal, an Olympic medal. She was actually training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs when the news broke. I doubt kids like her will have access to those sorts of developmental supports if the kooks in the IOC executive committee have their way.

    Holding Carol Hyuhn's (Simon Fraser alumni) Olympic Bronze in the first photo. Aika wants a medal of her of her own to bring back to Washington... Help out a fellow fly angler!
    Aika-Carol.jpg aikaOTC1.jpg
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    For some reason, I could not open the link. Will keep trying. This is a no brainer for me. But, one thought is if they save wrestling, will they then have to eliminate one of the new sports like basketweaving, and if so, what will all of those college student athletes who major in it have to fall back on if their primary sport (like football or basketball) is also eliminated?
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    Next thing you know you guys will want to save baseball! Oh, baseball is already out! I better contribute to this thread or the only thing left will be European Vacation events and soccer! DONE
  7. ribka Active Member

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    Done. I wrestled in HS, college and in the army.

    My Dad was a friend of Dan Gable and coached wrestling many years.

    two Olympic champions; one in Munich and one in Montreal Olympics.

    No better sport to teach youth to preserve through tough times, discipline, hard word work and independence.
  8. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Done. Thx for posting that. This is just another step in the whimpification of the human race.
  9. Kaiserman content

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    Anyone know why this decision was made?
  10. justinrogers Hi, my names Justin and i am a fly fishing addict

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    Signed former high school, Greco, freestyle, and college wrestler here. Amazing sport that needs to stay put.
  11. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    The short version - the IOC has set a static limit on the number of sports. In order to allow a new sport in the games, they sought to remove a sport. There were 5 sports on the short list and wrestling was voted out by the executive committee (14 people IIRC). The sport that beat out wrestling was Modern Pentathlon a made up sport combining fencing, show jumping horses, pistol shooting, running and swimming. It was created at the turn of the century to replicate the skills needed by a cavalry officer. The head of the Modern Pentathlon governing body just so happens to be a voting member of the IOC executive committee (did not recuse himself) whose father is the former IOC chairman...

    The public outcry against such a rotten decision has been fantastic but it's still a long road to reverse it.

    Wrestling's last chance might be to reapply to get the open spot. It will compete against karate, rock climbing, wake boarding, softball/baseball and wushu.
  12. Joepa Joe from PA

    I'll be very surprised if it gets dropped altogether, but I think there's a good chance that Greco-Roman will get dropped. Let's hope not, but I can see that as the compromise solution.
  13. The Dude Member

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    Apart from the feild sports, wrestling is one of the few Greek events. It would be a shame if it were droped over something like curling.....Just saying.
  14. JS Active Member

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    Done deal. Perhaps I was unaware of the root cause that has lead us to wrestling being placed on the chopping block, but I still believe that it is disgraceful.