PNP Report: 7/25-26

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Fished No Point on Friday evening, just a bunch of starry flounder, bullheads and no Coho. My buddy landed a nice 2 lb silver, the first salmon for him on the beach! The fish checker reported 3 Coho caught all day ranging from 2-3.5 lbs. Went to Eglon, not much going on there as well.

    Pretty slim out there folks... I hear they are out around Pt. Townsend but on their way in! I'll be back in a week or two to check it out again. Any reports out there would be appreciated.
  2. Fished Eglon today,7-27... caught one small fish (cutt or small silver) about 8" long, a ton of bullheads and a flounder. Hit the tide as it was coming up and did not see much action. Saw a few good fish about 50yds further than I could cast. Saw a nice crab on in the eel grass.

    Went to Fort Flagler, high tide, no fish and the dude working the hot dog stand was having a very rough day.
  3. Hit PNP for an hour Saturday afternoon, Caught two in the 3.5lb range and bonked one for my pop's BBQ. They were both caught on green clousers and were the only fish taken while I was there :thumb:

  4. You forgot to mention the crab.
  5. I was out at PNP sat AM 5:00-8:30. Didn't see anyone catch any salmon of any size, though there were some small ones jumping. A few bullhead caught, and I saw one FF and one gear guy keep small flounder. I don't think anyone is going to convince me to eat a flounder from puget sound.
  6. Fished eglon this morning, saw a few jumpers but no takers. Looked the same for everyone.
  7. Its because i caught them all...

    P.S. i caught the 7000 quota already guys sorry
  8. I dont wanna talk about it....
  9. Hey, I was there Steven. I was the ragged looking guy, orange cap, and soaking dragging raincoat. I picked off 4 shakers is all, and just before leaving a big guy ripped me.

  10. Ha, nice to meet ya Larry!..I was the fella that chatted you on the way in for a minute.
  11. Oh hey, hi. I was kinda worried you were going to get caught out there in the incoming tide. I mentioned it because it almost happened to this old man last year. Lots of "dipty do's out there in the sand. Be careful. Nice to meet you. :)
  12. OH yeah... freakin Dungee grabbed my fly. Definitely was like dead weight... What a crabby day!
  13. Larry you must have been way out on the point with the other fellas. I worked down the opposite stretch of the beach where I kept seeing them jump but the only thing that would bite were bull head :beathead:
  14. hmmmm.... you guys are catching bullhead, flounder and crab? might consider a change in tactics.
  15. I was at the point from 2pm-6pm. A friend herring fisherman with his son (age 12) came by and fished in between a young fly fisherman, using poppers etc., and myself. As it started raining, within about a half hour this 12yr old landed 2, 4-5lb hatchery cohos. This little guy was using a silver buzz bomb. That was the only fish I had seen landed (they both had a hookup also). I tried many colors and they just didn't like what I had. So...I went home wet, baked up a spud and broiled a salmon I had caught Friday. Yum!
  16. :thumb:..yeah, lesson learned for sure...right when I decided to come in I saw a bunch of jumps and slashes within casting range, got a little excited, and nearly stayed too long. You must have seen me nearly get swamped by those two larger rollers that finally put an end to me staying out. :D
  17. Oh yeah, gotta watch the rollers. I got it good last year! Kinda like a tidal wave out of nowhere and all of a sudden you find yourself waist deep facing it!....wondering what the hell, turn to move to the beach like molasses! Ha! Whoosh! That and the tide coming in and getting "stranded" out on an island of sand is no laughing matter. Everyone should be aware. Oh yeah, I was near some fish doing the same thing just before you came in. I now wish I would have put on Leland's Popper. I'm thinking there were a few good size Blackmouth around. Otherwise, the fishing was pretty stinky yet.

  18. Hey Larry I think I told you that upon rising tide, I usually take 2-5 steps back every 15 minutes or so just to be safe, I was once almost trapped on that Island, scary stuff.
  19. IT was a poor day for Coho. It will get better once those fish come in, its just a trickle right now. The fish checker only reported 3 fish all day. What sort of tactics would you have used?
  20. Since Hooker has proclaimed his expertise yet again for targeting selected species...the world waits his detailed recommendation.

    Alas, I'm expecting either no response from him or a mere "strip your fly and don't let it sit motionless on the bottom" response. With all the anglers screened by the WDFW checker only yeilding 3 fish I'm sure that it really was a super hot fishing day and everyone that caught crab, bullhead and flounder must just be anglers inferior in talent to the aforementioned Hooker.

    (Sorry for the level of agitation, i'm hoping that this is read and found to be somewhat humorous, that is my intent although intent does not often translate well online)

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