PNP Report: 7/25-26

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Jul 27, 2008.

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    love the disclaimer too, I've discovered they are quite useful because I have a dry sense of humor that when typed, translates to jerk/idiot. (or maybe I am...;))
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    mumbles, what would you suggest? You seem to have it all figured out. Which is apparent by the incredible reports you post and stunning amounts of fish you catch. If thats how you catch your target species, good for you, maybe it makes you happier to target bullhead and flounder.

    And yes, i did very well for coho on the day mentioned. Not letting my fly sit on the bottom nor move slowly enough to catch flounder or bullheads.
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    By the way... my buddy caught that third fish. He sighted a single Coho on the surface feeding, casted to it and it was on, landed, bonked and put on ice. Even amongst the 50+ boats trolling around, there was only 1 guy that we saw that landed one. Everything moves in patterns and while some spots and tides are better than others, there was pretty much zippola going on these two days. Last year was a banner year and we had some fine Coho to hand. So, don't assume that we should change tactics when there is little to target in the water. The fact that we hooked something means that the wiggle to our flies are at least enticing something to hit. I doubt that Coho are much different than Flounder, they want to spend the least amount of energy to catch the easiest and most plentiful of food supply. In fact, flounder probably have to expend more energy coming off the bottom to strike a fly that is suspended and rmoving in the water column. We fished the evening, camped out, woke up at 4:30 am the next day and pounded it pretty hard. At least I didn't go home hungry...the local Casino had a free lunch and I filled up on the manila clams at the bake.
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    We all know that aHooker(aka: prostitute/call girl/meth head etc.) has special techniques. Laying still motionless on the bottom is not how it's performed...(*disclaimer: I know nothing regarding the purchase of a Hooker, my comments are based on hear say) Although a Hooker is the lower form of that profession so one might need to think twice about getting advice from such a person.....there would most likely be a good chance that taking advise from such a person will definitely yield a high success rate of catching crabs and other by products.......not a good thing.
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    Hooker, I'm not trying to get your knickers in a twist, really I'm not. But remember your post?
    That is all you said. You did not post your catch report, any helpful hints on patters, techniques or tactics. I checked the trip reports with pics and nothing there from you, noly your wordsI'm not saying that I know anything, we both know I don't. On that day, had I fished, I would have been lucky to get a bullhead. It would take an act of congress or an act of you know who for me to score a coho. Why be so critical of someone's tactics without making a recommendation? Isn't that the spirit of the forum, to chat, share, teach, learn? I did not know that to barb and criticize was the order of the day. You seem highly knowledgeable, at least you present yourself as such, so offer somethign besides "might consider a change in tactics". What are you afraid of, that I'll take your tips and outfish you? Again, this is highly unlikely for two reasons. First you are not offering any tips to anyone. Second, you have nothing to worry about with me, your fish are safe from me. Of couse you are not obligated to post any useful infomration for me or others. There are plenty of others who have shined so much light on this process for me that I'm forever grateful. All I'm seeing from you is I'm better than you style stuff and a gloomy cloud.
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    hmmm... yeah. pretty much the same.:hmmm:

    go ahead and take your shots. its nothing that hasnt been said before.
    if you've got it all figured out, great. good for you.:thumb:
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    Settle down children.
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    Geezus, you new guys really know how to fuck up a thread.
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    haha, great stuff.
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    Pretty slow in that general area this morning. Got a few shakers and one good tug before calling it a day when the wind picked up. After seeing a lot of fish last week up there it appears to have slowed a bit...perhaps they are moving down closer to home.
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    Ha! Ha! I have to agree. This sure went South! :rofl:
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    Still, when you read between the posts, it's a good report.
  14. dryflylarry

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    Hooker did give his advice. Don't strip SLOW!! least in some circumstances.
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    Mumbles, you and I read this completely different. I actually would see it as being a useful tip. Don't read too much into it other than what is said. If people are catching a bunch of bullhead, flounder and crab they SHOULD try something different. Change it up and you might see different results.

    I don't come on here for a buch of backslapping and friendly banter. That stuff is really cool if that's what you want out of it. I want to read between the lines from those people who don't post very often. It's the folks who don't say much here that probably catch most of the fish.

    I read about people who have been steelheading for the past 3 years and have had 1 grab... maybe. You know what my advice would be. Stop doing the same thing you've been doing for the past 3 years and maybe you'll have some success. Read that however you wish.
  16. Ed Call

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    PT, great point, thank you. I guess evertime I read something from Hooker he seems to be quick to bash or brag. Maybe I'm reading him dead wrong or I should just stop reading his input if it gets me spun up like a bunch of deer hair. I have to admit I have learned just as much from those who I consider "bad" instructors, teachers or examples as those I consider "good" ones. Thanks for the grounding and recalibration.
  17. Hooker

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    Thank you PT.
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    At least I got a tug on my line last sat am. Even though it was sculpin or flounder. Gave the flounder to my in laws and they steamed it up Asian style. yum!!!

    Heading out to fish PNP tomorrow. Hope we will get into a coho or two. Any recent reports?

    Always good fishing with you Paul and nice meeting you Tim!!!
  19. Bob Balder

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    Mumbles, I agree with you about 100%. There is a lot to be learned here, one just needs to get by some of the bravado and brash. I don't come here for a bunch of friendly banter either. I'm old and crotchety sometimes, easy to get all spun up.
    I certainly do appreciate the knowledge some of these good folks are willing to provide though. It is always worth sifting though.
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    Fished it this afternoon for a couple of hours. Caught one 6-7# hatchery coho. There were about 10 gear fisherman and I did'nt see any other fish caught. Saw several small bait balls of sand lance right off the beach and a lot of shakers jumping in the eddy off the point. Good luck.