PNP Report: 7/25-26

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Mumbles, I think you're substantially correct in your assessment, and you are reacting to many posts by both you and Hooker other than just in this thread.

    What some of the other folks commenting herein aren't aware is that sometimes Hooker will make negative or criticizing observations without providing any follow-up suggestion or guidance, and he's made some extremely disparaging remarks (without knowing you; heck, I don't either) about your skills and knowledge (or lack thereof).

    But, it appears that you're taking the high road and putting a positive spin with your comment "I have to admit I have learned just as much from those who I consider "bad" instructors, teachers or examples as those I consider "good" ones." Attaboy, and I guess it's just like those coaches or military sargeants who yell and cuss at their folks and tell him how bad they suck, I guess there is something to learn from those who typically only provide negative feedback.

    Good perspective. By the way, I appreciate your willingness and interest in learning, and appreciate that you are indeed getting out and applying what you are learning.
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    Thanks Richard. Having spend just over 20 years in the military, coming through your ordinary public school system and working with and for thousands of people I've seen plenty. I've seen many who show me how to, and many who show me how not to. The high road is the only way to go, otherwise the low road flooded with negative stuff will surely bring you to the bottom. The military trys to make you think you can't make it anywhere else. I was not convinced of that, thankfully I was right.

    I'm lucky to have received tons of ideas here and will try to employ them and as I flounder a bit I'll refine some of them as best I can. Thanks again, my skin is not so thin, so I'll take it all, positive and negative and keep on moving.

    Maybe Hooker mumbled as a kid or something, sometimes I think his responses to me were targeted. I did a search of his stuff and genearlly most of his stuff was, in my opinion, negative and not informative. He did recently put out a couple of nice tidbits though, maybe we are all moving along the high road, who knows?

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