PNP? Safe to leave a pontoon in back of truck?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mark Yoshida, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Mark Yoshida Active Member

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    Just a question on thieft. Have not been to PNP often.
    Thinking of bringing my pontoon to PNP and beach fish, then go to a lake later in the day. Has there been problems or do you think it would not be a good idea to leave it while beach fishing in this area. I would lock it up with a cable, but that could be easily cut. Thanks.
  2. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Theft hasn't really been an issue @PNP. Should be fine, especially if locked up.
  3. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    If its locked up I wouldn't worry.
    I've left gear bags in the back of
    my truck and on the beach at PNP
    without any issues. Never even heard
    of a problem up there.

  4. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    With all due respect to Rob and DK, it is always better to be safe than sorry. PNP is a well used area with lot's of people, who don't fish, visiting... I used to fish there quite a bit and remember seeing many unsavory looking characters just sitting in vehicles, or driving through the lot...slowly. I never had any break-ins myself , never left anything in my truck either, but have seen broken window glass on the black-top, more than once.
    The best way to not lose it is to not leave it. (Wow! do I have a firm grasp on the obvious, or what?)