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  1. Just wondering how different, and better intentioned fishermen deal with poachers. And to me a poacher is anyone who is fishing illegally in any way and/or keeping fish illegally. Anyone who ignores the rules, doesn't trouble to learn them or chooses to participate in fishing when they're too dumb to know better deserves a criminal moniker.

    I guess my MO is:
    If they're clearly ignorant I inform them of the rules. They usually stop fishing. At least in my presence.

    If they're clearly pre meditated criminals I size them up. If I think I can't win a fight I pretend that I have mistaken them as honestly not knowing better. And I touch on the rules and banter a little about the fragility of fisheries. Pretending I have no reason to think they don't give a shit. If it ever gets scary I let it go. I'm not taking an ass whoopin' for a fish when I can't make any real difference anyway. This rarely works. But it has.

    If I think I CAN take them in a fight I start with the same polite, non assumptive manner. If that doesn't go well I get more aggressive. Of course I'm not going to beat someone up and leave them in the woods. So it's pretty hollow. This often works. Not always.

    How effective can spotting their car, writing down the plate number and calling it in possibly be? Does anyone know if this has ever even resulted in punishment? By the time authorities follow up, if they ever do, the crime is likely done and there is no evidence short of your witness.

    I just hate poachers. If anyone knows a creative way to make a difference I'd like to hear it.

    EDIT: I'm really not interested in the "I'd whoop dey ass!" answer. I'm sure there are some that would. And some will say that when they actually wouldn't (I'm also not interested in "Oh 'es I wuud!.. spit, p'ting).
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  2. I usually cut their heads and tails off and take the rest for dinner,

    H. Lecter
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  3. It's not the LEO's, but our "catch & release" joke of a justice system. Thieves are thieves: hang the fuckers. You hang enough of the bastards, pretty soon there are no thieves left.
  4. Alex. I'm glad your out there. Watching the cars and scaring the poachers. But you've gotta know that no one believes your going to hang or otherwise kill a fish poacher. So it's just so many words.
  5. A couple of years ago, when I left a fly fishing-only lake in Jefferson County, where a good-old boy and his girl friend were fishing with crawlers, I used an old padlock I had in the car to lock the tree-farm gate on the road that led down to the lake. I don't know exactly what happened when they tried to leave, but have always enjoyed thinking back to what must have been a rotten end to their day of poaching.
  6. I was on a small lake that has no legal easement due to private property. Though the lake is not private. Getting to the lake is a 1hr huff, uphill on deer trails. The self sustaining resident RB's average 14" to 15". I had a good acquaintance that owned one of the private lots that blocked public access. They even let me park my car at their house whenever I would go fishing. One day on this lake I ran into a pod of bubba's (three good 'ol boys and a girl) that were taking fish with worms. Which was illegal. I struck up a conversation and they showed me their stringer. They had five nice fish. Looking at them I said "Huh... See that?" "What?" one answered. I pointed to a grouping of spots a little lower than average and said "These fish have a parasite. You really shouldn't eat them." They kept fishing but stopped keeping them. I considered it a win.
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  7. Confession:
    I was fishing a barbless lake one day. I had my barb pinched and was following the rules. I switched flies multiple times and forgot to pinch the barb( one time, due to my mental capacity). I landed a fish on that fly 3-5 minutes later. I was removing the hook from the fish and noticed the barb wasn't pinched( POACHER!). The guy in my boat was going to call WDFW:rolleyes:, instead he said that being human entitles me to make mistakes and for all the perfect error free humans in the world... they can kiss my ass. I agreed.

    I feel better now.

    Carry on.
  8. Most fly fishermen have the smarts to recognize honest mistakes and gray area in the rules without doing harm. A barb on a fly is an honest mistake. I've done it. I've even thought about it as a fly was in play and completed the cast, swing or drift anyway. When I reel back in I DO pinch. But I'll admit something a bit worse. I don't EVER buy barbless hooks. Even when they are to be dedicated to barbless fishing. I also try to leave as big a bump as possible at the barb site by carefully pinching just the end of the barb. The hook still slides out of the fish without any snagging barb. But I probably land thirty percent more fish like this than I ever would using smooth, factory made barbless hooks.
  9. It is frustrating. Usually i just tell them the rules and hope it was just a mistake on their part. Once a guy showed me a picture of some nice cutties he had on a stringer....from the little D here in Oly. When i explained that it was catch and release...he said ...."Yea, i know, but i never see anyone up there."
    Ok, i'm normally a really mellow guy....but admit to me you poached knowingly.......I came unhinged. I called him names, threatened him, and if i ever caught him.....etc etc. Couldn't help myself. Kinda felt good really as I wouldn't do that on the water as i'm a big guy and would probably get shot!!! LOL
    I think i did scare the guy as he apologized like he had killed my cat and i haven't seen him since. LOL
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  10. That's just the worst kind of douche. I don't think you over reacted at all. People that think like that are the biggest part of every problem.
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  11. You want to explain that to the two greasers I last saw running naked down Mountain Home Ranch Road up here, after I found them trying to jack my truck? It's not wise to argue with a loaded rifle pointed at you.
  12. Just keepin' it real bro. Point that thing at the ground. No ones arguing ;)..

    I don't have to get naked now! Do I ?!?
  13. Well, he won't brag to you again about the cutthroat he'll continue to poach from the Little D.

    The best thing to do is to notice any details and descriptive info that you can, while pretending not to notice, get out of sight of the poachers and text them in to WDFW at 1 877 WDFW-TIP. Or call in the info as soon as you can get back to a phone. Even if WDFW enforcement can't respond at the time, they do want to hear about anything.
  14. Maybe you should test out your unlock vehicle theory on them. Just give them a 6- pack.
  15. The WDFW should have a program where right thinking anglers can apply for a course in poacher management. As in "Ok. we've determined that you have the morals and trained you in the skills, here is your taser." Then, acting as WDFW agents we could approach poachers with a generic statement like "You are hunting or taking fish illegally. I am authorized by the WDFW to... Blah blah..." Then, if the poacher doesn't comply, you taser their ass, break their rod over your knee and go about your own fishing.
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  16. I took an "Eyes In The Woods" course several years ago. It helped me to realize that my observation skills and memory for details needed a lot of work. You can improve these skills with practice, and also write stuff down immediately before you forget, like boat registration #s and license plate #s, vehicle descriptions, clothing, hats, type and brand of fishing gear, approx height, weight, age, hair color, and "body type" of the perps, etc.
    If you can do it without being noticed, take photos.
  17. You're funny. I'll taser you last.

    Just trying to fish. Can't fish watching the car because of meth heads. Can't fish if there's no fish to catch because of poachers.

    Doughnuts were mentioned in my other thread. Maybe if we had a doughnut scent spray we could just hose down meth heads and poachers when we run across them. Making it much easier for cops to find them. Cops can smell doughnuts for miles.
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  18. Poaching is a very large issue here in the red neck (Okanogan) valley. Just happened to watch a some show called hillybilly something or other which takes place in the hills of NC. Normally I would glide by this station but happen to see a great looking stream and the moonshine boys "stocking up" on all the trout they could muster. They could not understand why some years they just couldn't even get a bite!

    The sad news is we are spread extremely thin on law enforcement so the "report a poacher" thing is probably not very effective. I have a good friend who is the chief of police in nearby Tonasket who tells me he can intervene "at times" with the correct and timely info.

    I do like the advice given on diseased fish, which is quite often true. The long hot summers of central WA do make for some bad tasting fish I am told by the local meat fisherman.

    Normally I get, "what the fk you gonna do about it" when I politely mention the rules. Used to get pissed and go for oar wars but age an arthritis no send me to the shore to copy down their license. You have to understand that this area of the state has its share of "self taught bajo players" who are capable of inflicting vendettas.
  19. Greasers?

  20. Try the barbless hooks. They have a slimmer taper do to the lack of a barb and therefor will penetrate easier. This makes it harder for the fish to twist a hook out.

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