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  1. Call it in no matter what. LE keeps track of such things and they get to know who the real poachers are. Sooner or later they will get caught. LE will work someone that is a known poacher. There isn't enough LE so they need us to tell them what is going on. The more we report, the more LE knows, upping the odds they will get the bad guys.
  2. well, you're safe unless I catch you working on the locks on my rig:eek: but I never have my weapon pointed at the ground... we were trained not to fight gravity... Well, unless I'm "skeeting" that is, kinda hard to keep a side by side or an O/U pointed at the sky when the breech is open!
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  3. In BC, there is the Report A Poacher and Polluter program which has worked quite well for me personally. Three times in the last 4 years I have observed, documented and reported confirmed poachers and on all three occasions it led to charges and eventually convictions under the program. Whether or not I see the offender, I always report illegal or suspected activity as like Kerry said, the more reports the conservation officers have, the more information they have to go on for their patrols or whatever. Furthermore, the CO's budget is always at risk and to justify their non-existence, the hatchet men will be looking at figures like 'How many violation reports were made this past year'. It's along the same lines as crime rates going down because people don't bother reporting crimes. It gives a false indication that things are looking up and that some cops can be taken off the payroll.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Swayze's dead. Cruise never calls anymore. The careers of C. Thomas Howell and Macchio continue to spiral down the shitter and they've resorted to B and E of fishing rigs in the PNW.
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  5. Make up your mind, you dirty poacher you, openly admitting that you don't always pinch your barbs and then turning around and admitting that you maximize the amount of barb left over. Couple that with then trying to back peddle with concepts of intent and you are nothing better than a stinking troll trying to stir the pot.

    Ok, ok, I approach people I suspect with an extreme open mind because I'm one of those gullible naive f.ck.s who believe the best in people. 9 out of 10 times I find people are honestly ignorant and in those cases as a skilled educator I find I'm able to realistically help most of those to better understand not only the rules, but also the intention behind the rules in the first place. Now those other 10 %... Well let's just say I'm loud, very, very loud and even though I don't pack, and I'm not particularly large I can intimidate with my voice and gift for the gab. First I scare, and then I humor, and then they leave, or change their ways.

    As for reporting, I have never been afraid to report any crime or potential crime, I'm kind of a dick that way. In fact I plan to report a certain original poster for his barb infringement.
  6. Hey now! I never failed to pinch a barb intentionally! And there is NO backward, pointy thingy when I pinch. And who doesn't like a nice hump?

    Kudos for being one to step up. It can be a little intimidating sometimes. You see it happening and you size up the situation: "Hmmm... visible prison ink, scar under left eye, probably works out as I can see because of the sleeveless shirt." And then you go in anyway because you know there's no living with yourself otherwise.
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  7. Hell ya. Get a rope.:)
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  8. Intentional or not, you said a poacher in your mind is anyone who fishes illegally in anyway, Jeff and I are finding our ropes as soon as I finish this typing....
  9. Screw hangin' I'd rather take my chances breaking into Alex's truck!
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  10. Hell ya.
  11. Tell you what. If it's gonna happen anyway, at least hang me somewhere on the Cedar with a sign spiked to my chest that says "POACHERS BEWARE"!
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  12. Funny thread, not so funny issue.
    After having many run ins with "poachers" I'm having a change of heart.
    I'm taking pictures of the people holding up their trophy catch, I get email address so I can send pics back to them, pics of all the rigs in the parking lot until I can figure out which is which, then I go to my favorite LEO buddies with the goods on the "poachers".
    So far all have gotten tickets and I haven't had my life threatened like in the past.
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  13. No chance at all for you guys; I'll use the bow, skewer the both of you with one shot...:eek:
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