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    so the fog rolled into the dungeness spit this afternoon changing our plans for a couple mile walk. so off to pt williams we headed and back into the sunshine. as you will recall, the indian crab season ended this past week and they were very busy pulling their pots and hauling them off for a couple of days in order to meet the sundown friday deadline.

    as we started down the beach, i notice a white buoy a couple of hundreds yards out. now if you have observed this indian fishery, you would have noted they don't follow the red/white buoy rule but use pretty much whatever buoys they choose. well i stopped and scanned the water, and without my binoculars, could clearly see a dozen floats still out there fishing.

    we walked to the end of the spit and started back to notice a boat had just launched form the pt williams put in, kind of a rough spot to launch a boat much bigger than 16-17'. the folks in the boat ran straight to the closest float, stopped and looked at it, humm, and kept going across the 'bay' to the other side where it appeared they beached their boat on the miller pennisula.

    i decided to report this activity so pulled out the fishing regulations to find the mysterious poacher hotline. ever call it? '...don't leave a message we won't call you back until tomorrow, call the state police # (they don't tell you what that is) and ask for game enforcement...' so i had to wait until i got home, found the state police # and called. an endless selection of items from the menu finally got to #8 'game violations', so a couple more button pushes and the 'crab' of the century answers, i guess she was pissed she had to work on sunday.

    she took my name and phone # and indicated an enforcement officer would call, as soon as she could find one! but, it only took about 10 minutes until the call was returned. a nice guy who happened to be 3 hours away was the only one working this county! talk about spread thin.

    i passed my observations along and described the boat and the behavior of the occupants. now i have no idea if these traps belong to this boat, it just looked kind of funny to me. he told me he would check on the traps TOMORROW. so i suggested he might want to give the sheriff a call to see if they could go down and check on the truck and its occupants. he was going to see if the 'had anyone available' to go take a look.

    boy, if you really want to become a poacher, i don't know how much easier it could be to kill anything you wish 'cause enforcement is just not available.
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    Someone should make a movie about a guy who takes poaching enforcement into his own hands... I call Dibs!

    But it really is a shame.
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    So, do you want to collect and compare stories? This is just one more example of law enforcement not being able to maintain the law let alone enforce the law.
    Tom C.
  4. Jeremy Floyd

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    I think that it is generally accepted that wildlife officers are few and far between.

  5. FLGator

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    Really glad you took the time to follow through and actually jump through the hoops you did in order to report the problem.
  6. gt

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    thanks FLgator, it does take all the eyes on the board and beyond to keep watching what is going on and take the necessary action. i just wish the outcomes could be more positive and immediate but we have what we have.
  7. Mr.E

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    GT, you did all you can do, besides that DFG couldn't of done anything about it anyways. Only the Tribal wardens can.

    The Tribal Wardens take their jobs seriously if enough complaints come in.
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    and you guessed it, traps are still fishing. and interestingly, they all have been repositioned! so someone tending these crab traps, out of season.

    sooooo, i called the WDFW poacher line during their business hours. again, another nice voice took the info and said he would have a WDFW enforcement officer, as opposed to the state police, '...look into this...'.

    now i'll have to go down there again tomorrow just to see if the traps are still fishing.

    what'a bet???
  9. gt

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    ahhh, yep, still fishin' away. i guess neither the state police game enforcement nor the WDFW enforcement folks care enough to check this out. makes me seriously ponder whether i will ever phone them again regarding any apparent game violation i may see.

    and in the mean time, the three enforcement boats moored at john wayne marina have not been move in who knows how long. disgusting!
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    :thumb:So let me know if you'll be taking poaching enforcement into your own hands. While I'd still love to make a feature length action movie with lots of explosions about the subject, a documentary would be fantastic also.:thumb:
  11. Tim Garton

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    Go out, pull up the pots, release the catch, drop in a waterproof note saying "Thanks for the crabs, a-hole", weld the lid shut (as seen in "The deadliest catch") and drop them back in. OK. A bit extreme but it would be fun. :thumb:
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    i was thinkin' about inventing something more along the lines of one of those chariot movies where there was a mean lookin' chopper affixed to the wheel hub. mine would have a sort of grabber arm and a circular super sharp blade, kind of like a meat slicer, being turned by a slotted paddle wheel sort of arrangement via your boat's forward movement. all of this underwater, obviously. that way you could make a close pass with the boat, hook the line, slice the line and the float would simply drift off.

    after all, you know it's against the law to pull someone elses crab pot!

    but, time is short right now so i emailed by state representative, again, and asked him to check this out and get back to me. better his time than mine.
  13. D3Smartie

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    i dont know what the regs are in areas 9 and 10 but there are comm. or tribal pots all over the place that have not been pulled in weeks. some strings are being worked but others just collect shit, sink and then hang up my DRs and gear when i am King fishing.
  14. Ed Call

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    Tim, awesome idea, but I bet when you do that the enforcement officers will be watching and then you'll get fined for fishing crab gear improperly, running someone elses traps or some other bullshit and they'll "get their man" and really miss the actual culprits.
  15. Tim Garton

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    A good deed should never go unpunished. :ray1:
  16. ChrisW

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    Hi gt

    I admire your tenacity for following up on and reporting game violations, but I must admit to a couple problems with this thread

    First your general tone seems to convey the hopelessness of the situation, which may in fact be the case, however as readers on the site experience your frustration with lack of response, they will be less likely to take the time and effort to call these violations in. I believe ALL game violations should be reported even if there is unlikely to be a response. At the very least, a report is made and WDFW knows there are violations occurring at the site. Then perhaps somebody with enforcement may decide to pay the site a visit someday. From my experience there is a good chance they could catch the same folks on a different occasion as most of these guys are repeat offenders.

    Second you seem to advocate cutting the lines on the pots instead of hauling them out. If you know a thing or two about crabbing you might know that derelict pots can kill hundreds of crabs over a year or longer. It is pretty unlikely that someone fishing out of season would have the required rot cord to allow crabs to escape in the event of trap loss. Besides is it really against the law to pull someone's illegal pots? I don't know, but I imagine its pretty unlikely that you would be prosecuted, as long as you release the crabs.

    Finally are you SURE that these pots are illegal? Tribal, commercial, recreational seasons are all subject to last minute change. Did you check for an update? Perhaps you did- just asking. Also biologists can set traps for research into soft shell status, etc, etc, etc

    Again I admire your tenacity for trying to chase this down...just not sure if a public rant does any of us any good.


  17. Jake L

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    I agree with your concerns, but in response to your question, a public rant can be very welcome in times of frustration:mad:. The writer and reader can both benefit, as one vents, the other often finds vindication in seeing that others often get pissed off for similar reasons. One may argue that this is all just emotional, that rants are for people who need hugs.

    But I would argue that the ventilation of these pent up negative emotions prevents more drastic actions. For example, if gt did not have a forum to release his anger, it is possible he could go off the deep end so to speak. He'd begin dressing like Clint Eastwood, or a Navy SEAL, or Hulk Hogan, or Chuck Norris, or even Bat Man. His new fashion would bolster his confidence in his law enforcement abilities. He would become "The Sound Enforcer!" (copyrighted to ME). He'd patrol Puget Sound and the surrounding region kicking butt and taking names of anyone who dared violate game laws. Criminals would shiver in their boots, knees knocking together anytime his name was spoken. Even legal sportsmen would have to watch their backs when doing anything of questionable ethics. Fish and Wildlife populations would soar back to the levels before their molestation by man. Invasive species such as spiny rays and asian plants would soon get word of the man who hunts them, and they'd pack up and run to Hell, where they belong, just to get away from The Sound Enforcer!

    Ok where was I, oh ya I'm totally against rants now. Changed my mind. We could use someone going of the deep end and becoming a fish and game superhero. :thumb:
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    chrisW, naw, i wouldn't mess with the traps. instead, i forwarded my concerns to my local state representative and asked his office to followup. they have already emailed that they have started that process as well as encouraging me, and everyone else, to continue reporting violations.

    it is just a frustrating process that has reappeared in other threads on this forum over the course of time. kind of like the tweaking which simpy goes on and on without resolution. i have no idea what enforcement is focused on these days, but poaching must about be on the bottom of their list of things to investigate.
  19. Ed Call

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    I was signed up for an "Eyes in the Woods" course with WDFW and they just cancelled because an enforcement officer needs to be present and they did not have one available. Disappointing, all I wanted to do was try to make a difference. Anyone know of any "Eyes in the Woods" courses near you?
  20. ChrisW

    ChrisW AKA Beadhead

    You might try passing your frustration on to the Puget Sound Partnership www.psp.wa.gov they have some degree of oversight on other agencies when it comes to protecting the Sound.