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    I'll see what I can do to put you in touch with someone. It may take some time but we've had a couple EITW classes. We've established great relations with our two land-based WDFW officers in Whatcom County to the point that 8-10 of us have their cell numbers. The single biggest concern and potential problem we discussed was people not knowing the regs and calling in everything...kind of like crying wolf.

    The other greatest problem is that there's only two of 'em. The last time I saw Ryan it looked like he hadn't slept in a week. And this is the all-american looking tough dude. He was trapping problematic bears, covering an opener, on the salt helping, trying to cover +- 50 square miles of Whatcom County as well as helping in Skagit. This left the three forks of the Nooksack basically without coverage. My friend and I were asked to float the South Fork as there had been some report of poaching. We were glad we could help out.

    I was up remote on a small creek yesterday. Had the pleasure of running into a sheriff who had some kids (early 20's) parked. Since "they were less than truthful", he was gonna go check things out at the end of the road. The end of the road is about 30-45 minute drive each way. They weren't poaching but throwing beer cans. I told him I was glad at least that they hadn't busted my windows out like tweekers down South. Got his number. He said to call if that starts happening here. :D

    So, I guess the point of my story is that it takes some time to get to the right folks and establish relationships but once you do they are usually very responsive or at least as responsive as they can be. We just gotta get some more enforcement officers on the books.

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    thanks jake, that was one of the funniest posts i have read in a very long time. :rofl::rofl:

    i want to emphasize, the state police enforcement person and the WDFW poacher line person were both respectfull and were aware of the regulations and the crab closure. their basic problem seemed to be no way to 'immediately', meaning that day, respond.

    my frustration stems from the fact that the traps continued to fish into the next couple of days without anyone seeming to have taken any action. there are THREE $100,000+ state owned boats moored at john wayne marina, literaly 10 minutes from where these traps are located, and not one of them has been moved in probably 5-6 months.

    sure, there are lots of issues facing enforcement folks, and not enough of them to go around. however, when a clear, apparent, violation is phoned in, it would seem that this would pop to the top of the 'to do' list.

    why that didn't happen is now in the hands of my elected representative.
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    Hooked on the fly, great response and thank you. I'll travel if feasible to get certified. I retired from an enforcement position and considered wildlife enforcement. I think that once known and trusted by the local enforcement team they will appreciate having me around. If there were more employment opportunities with WDFW in enforcement, or even with NOAA I'd be following that path. You can't beat the office they have to work in, although as frequently mentioned it is a very expansive territory to cover. Thanks again.
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    To bad we didn't have someone in office with the same balls as Sheriff Joe Arpaio (AZ). Create a Posse to help out. I know having the "Eye's in the Woods" program is similar but let's face it... It requires the limited resource of FNG. Now adopting a Posse would be like adding extra Wardens out there and intern can act as a representatives with conjunction with local PD.
    Pure volunteer program .
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    As a guy from AZ, I feel the need to voice my approval of Sheriff Joe. I'm also impressed you know about him. Is he somewhat well known outside our little desert state? But anyways, he has balls. He doesn't always do things the BEST way, but he certainly gets things done. His no nonsense attitude is great, and usually even his bad decisions are good enough. Go Joe.
  7. Mr.E

    Mr.E He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron

    I use to live out there.
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    so rep van dewege's office followed through and contacted the state police game enforcement person. we just got off the phone!

    so here is the rest of this story just to close this thread off:

    - game enforcement pulled the illegal pots on monday!
    - PNP treaty group decided to reopen the crab season for 1 day, thats the reason i saw other pots show up as they also have treaty rights in this area
    - WSP contacted tribal enforcement about this violation, no response, nada
    - elwha then decided to reopen the commercial season for an additional 4 days
    - pots could be 'ceremonial and subsistence' but they are not marked in any way to indicate who's on first

    so they did follow through but as you can see, confusion is the basic problem in terms of seasons, who sets them, when they occur and how anyone could possibly know what is transpiring at a specific point in time, totally fucked!

    so, now why don't each of you contact your representatives and demand that ceremonial and susbsistence crab pots be marked in a specific manner so everyone could tell just what is happenning. my email is already winging its way..............
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    the whale poachers were actually fined:


    and just think, people on this board are still spending their bucks at neah bay supporting a fishery which is raping the seas. at the end of the day, bucks talk, the rest is hot air. boycott neah as well as your local casino!
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    gt, the quickest way to get the state patrol involved is to drive 60mph between Sequim and PA. that will guarantee a response!
  12. gt

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    right on jeff, particularly the 45 drop in speed right by the toyota place.
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    Hey gt, honest this isn't a troll-
    how about if "subsistence/ceremonial" fishing for any species were only allowed to be conducted in a traditional fashion, using traditional methods? Make sense?
    I don't think any of the fisheating tribes used traps for crab...till they got them from some white guy...wouldn't it be easier to catch poachers if they were in knee deep water, feeling for crab with their feet?
    ps, congrats on getting it done and staying with it. :thumb:
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    Ceremonial and subsistence doesn't have to use 1000 year old methods. That issue has been decided long ago, and smacks of racism. To bring it up now just takes away from other arguments.

    Now gt's idea of requiring better marking of the gear sounds like a winner otherwise enforcement would never know whose pots they were. My bet is that if someone got their pots pulled because of insufficient marking...their next set would be well marked.

    gt- sorry to critique the earlier rant...you obviously have what it takes to back it up!
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    all due respect to you Chris, but there's a difference between criticising hypocrisy and being a racist. Whether or not a court endorses it. My wife works for the Puyallup, and some First People feel the same way I do about it. 'course if they mention it they won't be branded a racist tho...they get called traditionalists...:D:D Peace, man. relax. It's just the internet.

    On the other hand, I have to agree with you that gt's suggestion is very practical, even doable, and I also agree with you about the effect that actual enforcement by a well-staffed Dept would have in deterring poachers.
    Hell, the numbers in the Sound might come up enough that I'd even start crabbing again! That would be cool, I love my Dungies.
    Clearly, we are reaching a time in history where there is such a confluence of pressures on the ecosystem, so many demands on the resource, and so many competing interests that IMHO only a radical reframing of attitudes will avert disaster. The fact that poaching is so common and consequences so rare would tend to affirm this.
    yes, I am an unrealistic idealist.
    I apologize for jumping in and stirring the pot. Peace, Chris?
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    I don't live up there in WA; I only get up a couple times a year to visit my father in-law on Whidbey Island. Love it when I’m there.
    One thing that has struck me about WA fish and game law is how the zones really make it next to impossible to enforce.
    With the area split into so many zones all or most with different regulations..... how can that be enforced?

    "Oh no I didn't catch that here I got that fish in zone 9 where I can keep that."

    Why is the system set up like that? :beathead: My father in-law and I have pondered this often.

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