Polar Bear hide for sale

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  1. Pre-ban Alaskan Polar Bear hide. Legal to own. Perhaps WFF members would like to syndicate it.

    Pictures at: http://larysmith.clearwire.net/transport/ (click "trophies" tab)

    Hide is in Sequim, WA.

    It is a beautiful rug, but owner doesn't have to know it's future, just wants to sell it.
  2. Very nice, but don't know if i'd dish out $4500 for one pelt. Holy crap that's alot. A fly shop should buy it, and then sell it in small parts on ebay or something.
  3. What pattern you use polar bear fur? just curious...
    I am interested in seal fur for tying some streamer...
  4. Most of the traditional white winged Northwest steelhead patterns were originally tied with polar bear hair wings. These included the Skykomish Sunrise, Brad's Brat, Skunk, and many others. Dyed, it was also the main (and almost only) component of saltwater coho flies like the Lambuth Candlefish, Herring, Coronation, etc.

    Polar bear hair has a delicate translucency and flash that that is not equalled by other material natural or synthetic material.
  5. Of the few places that I know of that sell legal polar bear hair, it's around $8-10 per square inch and a few dollars more for dyed. At this price, $4500 would get you 450 square inches, a patch something about 22" square (just over three square feet).

    A group of ten or so should all go in together and purchase a skin. Just be sure to get ample documentation that the skin is pre-ban, such as an affidavit. I wouldn't want any surprise appearances by US F&W.
  6. Thanks, Preston...
    I heard seal fur are good for the translucent looking streamers too? maybe... never get a chance to use them tough...

  7. OK, lets do the math, I'm willing to part with $100, how big is the hide? The wide angle shot doesn't show every angle and since I've tied with some hair years ago you get short hairs with the longer ones.


  8. Well I live in Sequim, so if I can be of help...picking it up, looking at it to confirm it's size, whatever, let me know. I've got a stash of PB, but I'd be down for a few bucks worth.

  9. Wow... It sounds more and more realistic story... I am interested in this too... count me in please.
    Thanks, Jeff...

  10. Someone that knows PB needs to examine this hide. Make sure it hasn't been stepped on , or stepped on much and the fibres crushed. There were also different methods used when harvesting PB's that crush and crack the hairs. Especially the neck hairs which are what most of us will want for steelhead winging. If it was cleaned improperly if may also have lost many of the properties we seek. If it is all good I got a 2 or 3 bills I can pony up s well. Maybe Les or others that know PB hair, aren't too busy and live near could do a looksie if they too are interested. I will out of country for a few weeks, and unable . Today that is a good price, last one I am aware of was $3000 and that 16 years ago.
  11. Hey all, I just looked at the pic if the rug, and unless you'll be tying loads and loads of BIG saltwater streamers, "the Large Head" for $1000.00 would serve all you steelhead tyers much better. My two cents anyway. In the picture it looks super clean, and I'm fairly certain it hasn't been walked on!

    Dec Hogan
    aka dougfir

  12. Why not just drive to canada where it is legal?

  13. It might be legal in Canada, but it is illegal to transfer it across the border to the US...

  14. I may have a PB hide for sale from roosevelt era. Will know more next week on its condition and if it has papers. If interested for less than the above mentioned price let me know. Either single or group sale. Whole or part.

    Thanx, Michael
  15. Hi All
    I new here and have some polar bear fur for sale about 5ft. X 6ft. I would like to sale it altogether for $1500.00 and it's legal it was shot in 1961
    the fur is soft and supple, the hide is dry, I have sold some to tyers and they are very happy with it
    let me know if any one want it
  16. I have a few patches of polar bear dyed in picric acid fantastic for hair wings on salmon patterns and also underwing on wet flies

    polar bear winging

    underwinging on a red arse peter

    picric polar bear patches 4"x4" £25.00 per patch

  17. And how would you go about getting it through customs?
  18. For the same reason many here did their damn'dist to discourage Pike Street and restaurants from selling wild steelhead. No brainer to me.


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