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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rockfish, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. what shades and style is best for saltwater fishing, mostly for flyfishing and lighttackle fishing along the shore in my boat. any info would be great. Ben
  2. I've been very happy with the "Action Optics" brand. You can find out more by hitting their web site which I think is just action optics.com. Good luck!

    Greg :COOK
  3. Ditto. Action Optics are great. My only complaint is that the frames are easy to break---but, I've had three pairs break, and each one was replaced at no cost to me.

    Another option is Cabela's. I especially like their light lenses (a nice yellow tint) for darker days on the water. Personally, I like to have a pair of light and dark lenses at my disposal.

    I believe the Action Optics are between $50 and $100, and the Cabela's are around $30 to $40.

    Good luck.
  4. Rockfish Hi, I don't know much about your salt fishing, but my Orvis polarized glasses work great in the streams. The best part is they pretty durable and scratch free, even after three years of heavy use. I think they were under $30, the cheapest best piece of equipment in their store for my money. Hope to see you on a beach sometime. Thanks for your contribution to the forum, it has been very helpful too.
    Flyfisher Frank :COOK
  5. I have been using SMITH SPORTS OPTICS for the last 8 years. Glass lenses that don't scratch easily and great vision. I like their ambush series. When i finally lost a lense on the Grande Rhonde last fall they sent me a brand new pair. Love My Smiths.
  6. thanks for all the cool replies, now I think I know what I need. Ben
  7. Rockfish,
    For salt water, it is reccommended to use a grey tint (at least that is what the Action Optics/Smith boys tell me). I highly reccommend getting glass lensed optics for scratch resistance. I have friends who work at Smith and have had a few pairs of AO's over the last 7 to 8 years, they all are quality glasses for the bucks and as stated they stand behind thier merchandise. Its like buying a quality rod that you won't be dissapointed with. AO is a subdivision of Smith Sport Optics. They do make frames that are very tough in various styles...not all frame material used is the same and if breakage is a concern, make sure you check the specs on the particular style you want to purchase.

    Go Cougars!!

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