Political Whores

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  1. delete this thread. sorry for the rant.
  2. Who the hell is Merkley? And what other websites? Conservation drips off this forum like syrup down mom's pancakes.

    Great title considering we have the largest contingent women in office here.
  3. speypages
  4. I grew up on speypages. Many friends.
  5. I could better understand the drift of this (add) if Jeff Merkley were someone of note outside Washington state. Like, pick one of your favorites, or most hated, from outside your home state. California, and New York come to mind. You either love 'em, or hate' em. But Jeff Merkley? What next? Support XXX for some position in South Dakota? Like who the hell carres?

    O.K. I'll clean it up a little. How about Political Prostitutes? Nawwww, let's leave as it is.

    Holy s&!t... Just discovered this guy is running in Oregon!
    So, again, why the add on the Washington board????
  6. Actually, it kind of makes me quake and shiver thinking about being dominated in a relationship with one our rocks stars. I thought the title was funny because there have been a few. A certain now defunct and outdated senator from Alaska comes to mind. That is wrong you’re getting campaign ads. Isn’t there software though that must be geared toward your interests and then it keeps flashing you with ads only you have an interest in? I haven’t seen any ads for Merkley or I’m not paying attention.
  7. As someone who deals with this all-day every-day on a larger site, let me tell you that software is far from perfect. Particularly on long weekends (when they think nobody is in the office) ads will slip in that never should be there.

    IMO, whatever ads pay Chris money, I'm all for having on the site. As long as they aren't telling me I have won a free ipod or flashing so much I have a seizure.
  8. May I suggest that since one picture is worth a thousand words, the next time you see a political banner ad across the top of this site you press the Print Screen button on your PC. That effectively copies a snapshot of the entire screen into memory. (On my Dell laptop's keyboard, it's right above F10.)

    Next open Paint from the list of applications under the Start menu and press Control-V to copy the screenshot onto the Paint canvas. (Microsoft Paint is a part of Windows and is included on every Windows PC.) Then pull down Save from the File menu and save it as a JPEG or BMP file.

    Finally, send the saved shot to Chris by email and let him deal with it instead of opening a can of worms here in the open forum.

  9. The difference between spey pages and here is that WFF doesn't ask for anything. WFF works hard get the site to respond well to google searches so google buys ad space. WFF doesn't pick the ads other than specific sponsors.
  10. There was one but it was removed due to the attitude it stirred. No plan to do again.

    The ads at top are the google ads. I don't have any control of the content there except to exclude certain ads after the fact, and I haven't seen those ads yet to judge them and if need be get the applicable info to exclude them.

    The other ads on the left in the forum are our sponsors. fyi.

  11. a wise and fortuitous decision.

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