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    Trying a new (to me) winging techinique.

    This is the first wing of this Pompadour style I've made.
    I had these nice amgold crests and I was aiming for a minimalistic design. Not a fishing fly, more an artistic style of fly

    Hook is not ideal, but I worked with what I had. I'll be making my own more suitable hooks in the near future. This hook is a McNeese Blue Heron Size 1
    Not the perfect outcome I was hoping for as the transitions between the 'tail's' needs some work, but still pretty happy with this one.


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    Interesting. I wonder what it looks like in the water?
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    It'll never see water....I suspect, like all married wing flies, it would just become unmarried and stick straight up or even forward of the hook eye.
  5. McNasty Canyon Lurker

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    very cool, never seen one like that before.
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    Elvis is in the building. Neat fly.

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    Very "Fernandez-esque"...!!

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    Directly Fernandez inspired
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