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  1. Trying a new (to me) winging techinique.

    This is the first wing of this Pompadour style I've made.
    I had these nice amgold crests and I was aiming for a minimalistic design. Not a fishing fly, more an artistic style of fly

    Hook is not ideal, but I worked with what I had. I'll be making my own more suitable hooks in the near future. This hook is a McNeese Blue Heron Size 1
    Not the perfect outcome I was hoping for as the transitions between the 'tail's' needs some work, but still pretty happy with this one.


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  2. Interesting. I wonder what it looks like in the water?
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  3. thATS CRAZY
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  4. It'll never see water....I suspect, like all married wing flies, it would just become unmarried and stick straight up or even forward of the hook eye.
  5. very cool, never seen one like that before.
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  6. Elvis is in the building. Neat fly.

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  7. Very "Fernandez-esque"...!!

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  8. Directly Fernandez inspired
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