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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Dan Soltau, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Dan Soltau New Member

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    My dad is wanting to get a pontoon and he and i think he should get this bronco 9. Any reveiws would be great, as well as other recommendations would be great. He has a about 800 bucks to spend on this boat and boat accesories. What acceseries have you found useful or manditory?
    Also, do any of you guys have a flat bed trailer for yours? We are considering getting one of those as well.
    What have you found to be the best cargo deck bag etc?
  2. MrP Member

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    As always it depends on what your needs are. Where and how will your dad be fishing? What are his transportability (in the vehicle) and portability (from the vehicle to the water) needs? What are his storage needs at home? Take a hard look at a WaterStrider or WaterMaster. The WaterStrider is more money but has an inflatable seat and back rest. WaterMaster is a sponsor on this site and the administrator, Chris, has some which can be used on a trial basis.
  3. Dan Soltau New Member

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    This boat will be put to good use on rivers from the yak to montana. So if quality and durability are questioned that boat is out of the question. We wont be running some crazy OP river or a probably even a class III rapid. On average it would probably get used twice a week through out the year, with strings of 4 and 5 days and about a week in between uses on average. Hes not going to buy cheap $h!t like me. Ooops, but at least i can row fairly well with drift boat, so i am fine.
    Trailors? Anything would be great.
  4. Denny Active Member

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    For your budget, Bucks Southfork, hands down. Unless you can find a good deal on an Outcast PAC800 . . .

    This comment coming from someone who has an 800. I love the craft, but it's several hundred more (new) than your budget. :thumb:

    I've owned a craft like the Watermaster, and though convenient to pack around and assemble (it has not frame), it just doesn't row as well/quickly as a pontoon. It's a raft without a floor, and it pushes water, instead of cutting through it like a pontoon boat does.

    Everything is a tradeoff; it just depends on what the most important is to you, er, your dad.
  5. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    I've been sorely outrowed by watermasters. Take a look at them if ur looking for portability, fishability, and speed.

  6. early-riser New Member

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    I have the 10 foot "Bronco" in excellent condition (only used 6 times) with all the accessories (it is gray in color). This particular pontoon is top of the line, as you are probably already aware. If you are interested, I am planning to sell it very soon on e-bay. If you are interested, let me know and I will give you my e-mail address. The 10 foot "Bronco" sells for over a $1,000.00. I would like to try to get $500.00. Thanks.
  7. Bug Fisher Member

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    I purchased the Bronco Extreme 9' earlier this year. I am very pleased with the quality and durability of this boat. I don't think your dad will be disappointed. I have floated the Klickitat, Kalama, and the E. Fork Lewis, several times. I have no qualms about taking it on the Deschutes next summer.

    I fit the boat in the back of my full size pickup without any problems.

    I added a rod holder and some drink holders. Cabelas has a saddle bag that hangs over the back of the seat that has 2 drink holders. I got this as a Christmas present and it seems to work well.

    I could have used the wheel attachment when I went to Merrill Lake and the gate was closed late last year.

    I would definitely check out the 10 footer that is being offered.

  8. kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

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    I'd agree with Bug Fisher all the way. I'd seriously look at early-riser's boat. That'd be a good deal. I've got a Southfork and love it. Buck's Bags make good boats. As far as trailers, I don't use one. I've got a huge Bob Allen duffel bag that holds it when taken down really well. I usually carry it to the water and assemble it there. I'm able to carry it in a frame pack as well, and that works for me too. Alot of guys carry them on the roof of their trucks. As for accessories, I don't have any to recommend, other than a good foot pump. I stripped my bag all the way down to just the frame, seat and the bags. I move with Force Fins, and get everything else out of the way. I modified the stripping apron to work better for me, and everything else went. I found myself snagging my fly line on it too much.

    Take care all,
  9. dmoocher Member

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    I've PM'd Early-Riser about his boat but I've also looked at the ODC 915...the smaller ODC models look like crap but this model seems pretty well built...any opinions or experience with this one?
  10. Shoedog New Member

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    I'm interested in seeing your boat and the accessories. I live in Snohomish and can come to Seattle if need be. Or perhaps you can e-mail some pictures to james.j.olszewski@boeing.com. Or call me 425-359-1075.
  11. Denny Active Member

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    Andy, practice your rowing if you're in a high quality pontoon boat and Watermasters are outrowing you. :thumb:

    Driving down the road, stick your hand out the window, palm facing the direction you're going; then turn it 90 degrees. You'll get the drift; the blunt front of the Watermasters are not nearly as hydrodynamically efficient in moving through the water as a pontoon. It's just the way it is.

    For convenience and portability, the Watermaster and similar craft kick pontoon booty. :thumb:
  12. Dan Soltau New Member

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    I am also very interested in those watermaster boats. The only problem is they are $1100. I have talked to at least 25 people who have them and i have only heard enthusiastic "awesome dude" replies. Does anybody have any used ones or know anybody that has any used ones they want to sell?
  13. Brassie Member

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    For about $600 you can have the Buck's Bag Southfork, with 8 ft pontoons. It is a good boat. You can add an anchor system for a few bucks more. I don't know if the Bronco you are talking about is a bigger boat, but for the Southfork I can remove two pins and deflate the pontoons and throw it in the back of my SUV. No need for a trailer. On site assembly only takes a few minutes. Or you can tie to the top of your SUV or carry it in a truck. A trailer is sort of overkill for an 8 ft inflatable pontoon boat. Anyway I recommend the Southfork highly.
  14. topflight121 Josh Pearson

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    As far a transporting goes, I have a Scadden, and I strap it to the top of my Toyota Paseo and to the top of my wife's taurus wagon. It works fine both ways. A trailer would be cool, but over kill. The big option for me was a retractable wheel that I built for mine so I could wheel it down trails so I didn't have to carry the damn thing on my back
  15. Dan Soltau New Member

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    the trailer is not for one boat, that would be overkill. There would be 2 or more partially inflated toons on it plus camping gear that causes problems inside the car. So its not really overkill if you think about all the stuff on it. The south fork isnt quite what i am looking for, and yes the bronco is bigger and it is more tricked out. Thank you for your input guys! :thumb:
  16. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    You have some good advice above. If anything, keep your eyes peeled on a few different boards, especially primarily gear boards, you'll find alot of these boats for sale cheaper.

    Depends on the vehicle you have, you can get by without a trailer. Even strapping two boats on top of your vehicle (even put my steelheader on top of my little subaru justy lol). I prefer to have the boat ready to go when I hit the water without doing alot of setup/pumping. So would suggest having a trailer. Can get them pretty cheap at costco, fredmeyers, or harbor freight. Just a standard flatbed. That way you pull up to the launch and unstrap them.
  17. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    You can find 4'x8' kit trailers for about $200. Places like Fred Meyer, Costco, maybe Home Depot or Lowe's too. They take a few hours to assemble, but they don't require much of a tow vehicle and will handle a pontoon or two. I have a 10' pontoon and had to modify my trailer a bit.