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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by StiffLegged Van Rossi, Nov 23, 2007.

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    I will ad this. I always make an offering to the river Gods every year (not by choice, they suck me in LOL). Rarely a year I'm not taking a dive in. Will add this.

    You'll rarely every fill your waders up, even without a belt on. Now, with the old rubber packs or if you wear your waders way too big, you may have a problem. I think the most water I've filled down was about to my belly button, and then of course some of the water that slowly trickles down. Never a full wader episode except when I used to wear the full rubber waders (do they even still make them? I know they make hip boots of rubber). A belt will help, but I never wear them, unless I'm gear fishing and I have bait boxes on a belt on my waders. What others said is correct, you have same bouyancy in water unless you have neopremes on. Then you'll float higher (except the neopreme booties if you have stockingfoot breathables).

    I for one wear layers if I'm winter fishing. I wear a light set of polypropalenes with same made socks. Then a heavier outersock (usually a wool blend) and a pair of wader pants (usually a polar fleece material). Then a Polypro longsleeved shirt with polarfleeced jacket. Then a lightweight rainjacket to toss over if I need it. I normally wear a ball cap, but have a stockinghat and gloves with me if needed (and have had cases where I did).

    Bootfoots are the key though. I rarely ever use stockingfoots unless I'm actually wading (and I'm getting lazier as I get older so like the bootfoots anyways when I'm banking as well LOL).

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