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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mike (Doc) LaCombe, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Bought a Pram so want to pass this pontoon on to someone else. This boat is rated for Class I rivers. Note the retractable wheel that I added. ($135) I will throw in a U shaped float tube used only once. The trailer and mushroom anchor are not included. Using them for my new pram. I am asking $350.


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  2. Jeff Hale

    Jeff Hale B.I.G.F.F.

    How much for the boat, tailer, and anchor altogether? Willing to sell the whole package and how much?
  3. Jeff,

    Lets see, a new trailer would cost $700 - 800 and the anchor at Walmart is around $16. So that would bring it up to around $1150. So I think I will stick with the original offer. But thanks for the interest.

  4. Reduced to $300.
  5. Shamless bump
  6. Mike Etgen

    Mike Etgen Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here

    Shameless endorsement. :thumb:

    Folks, this pontoon would be a real deal for someone. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, but this would be a great pick-up for someone looking for a first pontoon. I can't believe it's still up for grabs.
  7. colton rogers

    colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

    does it float?
  8. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Guys, if you need a trailer, just buy the ones sold at Fred Meyers, Harbor freight, etc for $200. A sheet of plywood and licensing you'll be in the $300 range. Not like you're putting a few thousand pounds on it. You can find them pretty cheap for sale too already licensed and ready to go. So don't make that hold you back. Good deal on the boat, buy that and then go and get you the trailer.
  9. Colton,

    All it needs is water and she floats good. Come look, I'm just up the road from Gig Harbor.

  10. colton rogers

    colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

    the weekends over for me now with finals, and essays to write, but if its still on here i will try and come and look at it next weekend, i have anchors and i really dont need a trailor so its perfect. by the way how made the pontoon and why did you opt to a pram??? it makes me kinda think think there are some negatives. last but not least do you want cash or check because im interested
  11. colton,

    PM sent to you.

  12. Bank Bum

    Bank Bum Member

    Hi,was wondering what name brand that pontoon is & how long,,pontoon float size,,Thank you. Bank Bum
  13. Trout Unlimited, 9ft pontoons. Each bladder has a double compartment.
  14. Bank Bum

    Bank Bum Member

    Mike,ever us this boat on rivers . if so how did it handle,,thanks, Bank Bum
  15. Bank Bum,

    I have not, but it's rated for Class I rivers.
  16. Bank Bum

    Bank Bum Member

    iam close by to you,so maybe we can make arrangement tomarrow in the am,if your not busy to take a look at it. Thanks, Bank Bum
  17. colton rogers

    colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

    fishfinder, i sent you a pm

  18. Bank Bum,

    I have someone coming Saturday am to look at it. He talked to me about it a week ago. If deal falls through and your still interested I'll get back with you.

  19. Bank Bum

    Bank Bum Member

    ok, thanks mike .

    Bank Bum

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