Pontoon Boat for the wife.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Feb 5, 2005.

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    Thanks for your reply. I guess I should rethink the kick boat and fins. If you see the Sunrise, I'd appreciate a review.
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    Personally, you have to decide what you truly want out of a boat. There are kickboats, then their are fishing boats. And not just talking the Steelheader series, but the river guide, etc with built in floors. They are basically one man driftboats. Lean bars are NOT needed, unless the boat is unstable or there is a second person rowing where the person fishing is out of control (as in a two man pontoon or a driftboat). But on a one man boat, it should be stable enough to fish standing up without alot of movement. Never had a problem with mine, and I'm known to go for swims. :rofl: Never went for a fall out of a cataraft that wasn't being ripped through a class V.

    Yup, alot of the boats out there will handle up to a class III. But is best done with a SKILLED rower. Most guys who run these boats truly don't know how to class rivers in the first place. A solid class III will bounce you a bit, but nothing like moving into a III/IV. Then you'll see guys being flipped, etc.

    Funniest thing though, especially with alot of people. You can still use fins with these standing platform boats without a lean bar. I actually had used fins on my old Steelheader (original 9'). I just sat on the standing platform with feet in the water. Then could move up into the rowing if needed (since you don't need both the fins and oars at same time).

    I'd say that new Skykomish would be one of the best kickboats that have come out. I actually love the design. I just like actual "fishing" boats, so want a solid frame with a solid floor under me. I never use the kickboat feature on a river. So for me, is a waste. But that's "me". Key is to find exactly what "you" need out of a boat. One thing I always ask people who email me for advice. Funniest thing of all, I probably put more people into outcasts and waterskeeters then any other boat out there. Why? Because they don't need a Skookum type boat.

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