Pontoon Boat PAC 9000 & PWC Trailer

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by flatpick, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. flatpick

    flatpick New Member

    PAC 9000 & KING Galvanized Trailer for Jet Ski
    Both only a few years old. In excellent shape. The trailer has a piece of plywood bolted to the runners for transporting the boat. Will seperate if you only want one or the other. Please email rdb8847@aol.com or call 253.381.1316 if you are interested
  2. hey what is the overall dimensions of your trailer?
  3. dp

    dp ~El Pescador

    yes, what is the dimensions of the trailer?
    Also, tire/wheel size
    and most importantly - asking price.....
  4. flatpick

    flatpick New Member

  5. flatpick

    flatpick New Member

    Reducing price to $350 for the trailer and $900 for the boat.
  6. flatpick

    flatpick New Member

    Reducing price again...........Last shot at a great boat and like new galvanized trailer.
    $325 for the trailer
    $850 for the boat
    Trade / Partial trade for quality drift boat

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