Pontoon Boat Wheel Bracket

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Riverman, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. I added this simple bracket to the rear seat crossbar on my Outcast toon. Use the foot pegs as handle bars and roll the toon backwards to the water.

    All you need is a bracket, and a used bicycle front yoke with a 16" wheel. I got mine at Goodwill for $5.

    If you can roll a wheelbarrow, you can transport your toon and gear to the water with ease.

    If anyone needs a bracket, I'll build you one free.... when I have time. :)
  2. Here's another picture maybe...
  3. Riverman, if you are building brackes, I'll get in that line. Let me know any necessary details. This is a much cleaner design that what I'm using currently.
  4. PM me your address and I will get you one in the mail...
  5. Perhaps you could stick one in the mail for me too? Thanks Riverman - hope you're feeling better.

  6. RM,

    That is awesome... can I get in as well? Would love to have two for my rigs. One for the wife and me. We'll share a wheel. Happy to pay for them. Your design is ideal, I struggled how to be simplistic with this need and you distilled the perfect solution. Thanks!

  7. I have plenty of aluminum scrap, so I'll weld the brackets during the holidays and get them all in the mail after the first of the year.
  8. Riverman I'd love to have one of those brackets for my outcast. Your system is WAY easyier than by double wheel canoe carrier. Let me know if I can pay for the postage!
  9. I'll put you on the list... you might want to remove your address and send it to my by PM.

  10. OK guys... I have the brackets all cut out and will begin welding them one day late next week.

    If you asked for one, you will receive it sometime in mid to late January.
  11. If you have any extra, I'd like to buy one.

    Thank you

  12. I don't sell them, but I will put you way down on the list to get one.
  13. Thank you Riverman.
  14. Riverman

    I like your design , put me on your list if you have time and matreial , can arrange a pick up in Seattle.

    Ed S
  15. You're on the list for probably February delivery. smile
  16. I won't mention names on here... but to the gentlman who sent me the hand-tied flies, they look fantastic and your bracket is on the way by mail.

    I've been sick over the holidays, but will begin mailing several bracket's out later this week.

  17. Shipped out several brackets this morning, if you asked for one you should receive it by the end of the month.
  18. Yeah, I wished I was smart enough to get in on this. They look real nice.
  19. If you have a pontoon rig AndreD, PM me your address and I'll put you on the list.
  20. Bracket notes...

    1. In my rush to get out the first batch, I forgot to drill the 1/4" holes for the springer clip (see first close-up photo). This clip keeps the wheel straight while you are rolling it on uneven terrain. If you don't use a clip or bolt, the wheel will turn slightly and you'll be rolling straight but your toon will be going left or right.

    The 1/4" springer clips are available from Lowe's in the roll-out specialty hardware bins, or from Tractor Supply (TSC). All the toon sales guys have them too.

    2. How to roll a toon: Grab the foot pegs and easily roll the toon backwards.

    3. What size wheel to use: I used a 16" bike front wheel (with yoke) for Outcast-size tubes (up to 18" tubes). If you have the big Maxxon tubes, you will want a 20" to 24" wheel so the tubes won't drag the ground when you roll it.

    4: Where to get a front bike wheel with yoke: I bought mine from a Goodwill store... they wanted $3, but it felt good to give them an extra donation.

    5. If anyone ever breaks the welding on the bracket send me a PM.. I just made a super heavy-duty bracket.

    Good luck...

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