Pontoon Boat Wheel Bracket

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Riverman, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. All brackets have been shipped, except two. If you receive one and decide not to use it... please send me a PM so I can get it to someone else.

  2. got mine yesterday.

    Thanks Riverman.

  3. Did you get my PM?
  4. AndreD - You're the last person that asked for a bracket. I shipped out all I had so I will build more sometime in February.

    I'm all out of scrap Aluminum right now...
  5. No Problem. I just wanted to make sure that you got my message.
  6. Hey that is really cool, I would like 1 as well..Let mew know the details and cost fro shipping..

  7. I think I forgot to mention I got my bracket two or three days ago. Fantastic solid welds that will mount well yet are still light weight. Thanks Riverman, thank you very much.
  8. Got mine the other day. Very nice. Thanks!!!!
  9. I got mine on Monday and I am greatly appreciative. What do you fish for usually in your neck of the woods as I feel compelled to send you a "care" package. Thanks for going above and beyond the call as well as providing mounting and usage instructions as well. You are the MAN.

    Ryan AKA Ryfly
  10. I use lots of Woolly Buggers in NC for trout, and then fish for smallmouth in NC and VA in the warmer months.

    I've had guys send me woolly buggers, dry flies, and even $3 cash for the shipping... thanks to all who did.
  11. Sounds like someone here is pure class! Well done Riverman.

    I will build another batch of wheel brackets beginning in about two weeks. Here's the initials of the guys on the list right now. If you do not intend to use the bracket, PLEASE pm me and save me some money. Thanks


  13. Oops,
    Just saw your post with my initials so please disregard my previous message. I will wait patiently for the bracket.
    Rich Larson
  14. Hey Riverman. This looks slick. I would love to have two, one for my wife and I. Let me know about the postage cost and I will send it to you.
  15. Can't wait!
  16. Riverman. you the man! If it is not too late, I'd love to get one too. I'm just outfitting my new (to me) pontoon boat and realized that it is heavier than I had expected. Let me know. Thanks.
  17. I see my initials. Thanks Riverman.

  18. OK guys... that's 12 more free brackets...

    Anyone that wants one now will be on the after May 1st list.

    I hope to have the twelve above completed and in the mail by the end of March.

    (Work comes before play)
  19. Working on the brackets again... will be mailing them out in a few days to the guys on the list above.
  20. I wish this post had been around with my other boats. My new boat came with one built in...now just need the wheel.
    Very Nice on all levels River

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