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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Dan Soltau, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Does anybody have the orvis pontoon boat? I was wondering if it can be takken apart to fit in a sedan. It says it can be broken down but i dont know how small of peices it goes down to. Thank you
  2. They use a waterskeeter model pontoon boat. I have a waterskeeter river runner 4, which is larger than the one they sell. I fit mine in the back seat of Sparse's work sedan, which also had a water master, 2 peoples fishing gear, fire wood, camping gear, ect... in it. They can pack down to not to large if u take the frame apart and fold the pontoons.

  3. Thanks andy, i am looking forward to trip in feb or march!
  4. does anybody have the water skeeter lake placid or back cast pontoon boat? I am getting one and am wondering whether it comes with the steel frame cage/tray in the back. Other wise i am going to have to build one. Any reveiw helps too, good or bad. Hopefully the former! :thumb: Thanks
  5. If you looking for a boat to run rivere, they would be a poor choice and dangerous because they are not signed for them, but for lakes, they are good boats.

  6. if you do build one look into the plastic peg board at lowes. i'll be replacing the mesh one on my southfork soon. looks like good stuff and sturdy.
  7. I talked to a guy who has the exact boat and says he fishes rivers with it. It an 8 footer and is pretty sturdy, but i bought it mainly for lakes. I will only float a river if i have to.
  8. Dan,

    I had the Orvis boat, my 1st pontoon, and was generally pleased with it. I have since sold it and moved to a Southfork. The orvis does break down and fit in the trunk of a Subaru legacy sedan whose trunk was not large, so that should be no prob. I found it fine in the rivers I floated, Ronde', Sky, Sauk. And for lakes it was fine as well.

    I prefer the Buck's as it is much lighter and seems to ride better in heavier water. It's frame and components do not rust either.

    My current plan is to buy a "Steelheader", mad in Woodinville. A buddy of mine has one and it's larger, can probably handle any water I'll throw at it and can be safely anchored and cast from in he river. It's a lot more spendy, like double, of the other boats.

    If you primarily fish lakes where you don't have to carry the boat to far the Orvis should suit you fine.

  9. Thanks for assuring me. I dont think i will have any problem rowing after 3 years of rowing a drift boat, i guess it will be here in about a week which is just in time for the three day weekend next weekend!
  10. If you are looking for a real river poon, I know a guy with one for cheap. Outcast 8'. He didn't say how much he wants, but implied that he would make a screaming deal.

    Has never been in the water.

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