Pontoon Boats: Most Bang For The Bucks?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by ceviche, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. I got to get in on this post.
    First off, American made in the name brands are Bucks, NFO and ONLY the PAC 1100 and larger from Outcast )all rest are overseas.

    Urethane vs PVC: PVC stretches, is effected by temp and altitude and is effected more by age. Urethane does not stretch and is less effected by these conditions and is lighter.....and more expensive for mentioned reasons.

    Here is a Cabela ex:
    Some pros and cons of the Outcast 10IR and the Sky Sunrise for you to think about.
    Both are $999.99 in Cabela's catalog so the price is not an issue.
    First off, the Sky is going to be Urethane or Bladderless, either being the best choice in that they are not effected by Altitude or temp change as much as PVC/vinyl Bladders.
    The Outcast are indeed vinyl. Both have very strong PVC outer cover.
    The Sky has 16" diameter toons Outcast are 17". The wider the toons the more wind resistance.
    The Sky is 5' wide Outcast is 4 2/3' wide. Wider means more side to side stability.
    The Sky is 10 1/2' long the Outcast 10'.
    Standing Platform: Sky, 28" X 15" the Outcast, 20 1/2" x 11 1/2"
    Warranty, Sky: Lifetime Outcast: 5 years
    NFO=USA OUTCAST= overseas
    There is probably more, but there you have it. Also Dave was the main designer for Outcast before he went on his own.

    To me, the best bang for the buck is the NFO NAVIGATOR II. It is a pontoon, it is a tube. You can row with it, you can put a motor on it. It is Urethane/USA. It deflates completely and no FRAME for easy transporting. 9' long. Light weight.
  2. hello all! I live here in Boise, ID where both bucks bags and outcast are made and I have personally been to both plants...I also have owned both brands and I gotta say that the outcast has been the best bang for my buck. I owned the bucks double haul for about a month and bent the frame three times chasing cat. 3 rapids. The outcast pac 1200 has been indestructable and I have really put it to the test. however I do have an advantage over alot of people because I live here in Boise and I can go right into either store and they usually fix the raft with in days at no charge....spend the extra dollar and buy an outcast....or AIRE. Same Co.

  3. And you are talking BIG BUCKS! NFO:thumb: and for the record, they are built 35 minutes from me:rofl:
  4. I am on the verge of ordering a Pac 1200. What problems have you had with yours if any?
  5. Hello to all, This is my 1st post and hope I am in the right place. I have read all the above posts and gleaned much info. I am however an Easterner from Penna. Do a lot of surf fishing for stripers etc. However the 2 local rivers I want to fish and already have to much enjoyment. There are many places where pontoon boat would be a nice thing to have for more in accsessable locations. I have been doing much research on the web and narrowed my choices down toA Mckenzie drifter or an outcast pac 1200. My question is why the big spread in price, $600 to 800. Is the pac that much a better boat. Toons are much more in use out in wester states but are becoming more popular here. Any and all advice will be of help to me. Thanks in advance Obe.

  6. I am going to say NO! but most of these people are Outcast. I had the McKenzie at the Lodge and loved it. You will be sitting lower in the NFO than the PAC, but quality IMHO is close, but NFO with that LIFETIME warranty, leads the pack. Also, Dave Scadden was the main designer for Outcast.
    I use NFO product and I think it is way above the others, but as I said, they are Outcast people here.

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