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  1. You will enjoy the South Fork. I also have this pontoon and really enjoy it.
  2. Pontoon boats...transport

    How do those of you who have pontoon boats transport them? Do you inflate/deflate each trip and haul inside your vehicle or leave inflated and tie to top of rig or haul on a trailer or?

    I ask because I have a small Achilles LT-2 raft that I've had for 20 years. I thought about getting a pontoon, but besides my raft still being in perfect condition, the pontoon seems like logistical nightmare. My raft rolls into a 30# duffle bag, but I can have it inflated and ready to drift in less than 10 minutes, besides being able to carry it anywhere. My friend brought his pontoon - Outcast 800 I think - on a trip with me, and I was ready to launch 25 minutes before he was.

    If I change out or upgrade, I've been thinking a Watermaster might better serve my interest of extreme portability, easy and quick to be ready, even if the payload and speed on the water is less.

    What are your thoughts?


    Salmo g.
  3. Salmo,

    I keep mine inflated and put it on the truck that way - just put some tiedown straps across it - no problem. Unfortunately, I foolishly bought a stepside Ranger back in '99, and the boat fits ON the bed rather than in it - won't make that mistake again, when I go to replace this truck. :mad:

    One thing I'm careful of, though, is to let some air out if I'm going over the pass - I fear that the change in altitude could cause the bladder to overstretch the covering and split it. :eek:

    My buddy has a Ford Exploder, and he deflates his Scadden 8'er about 70% and it slides right into the back with the backseats folded down. We can even fit mine in on top of it if we deflate both down to about 10%.

    You're right, though, a pontoon can be a hassle to transport, at times...

  4. Jason, I think I misread your post - my apologies. After seeing Salmo's post:

    I realize that I must have been looking at an Outcast Discovery 8. Two very different boats, I realize. Still, $450 isn't a bad price.

    Sorry for the confusion! :eek:


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