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  1. what is a pontoon kick boat ?
  2. thanks for showing me STS , obiwan , can i see a pic ? maybe depending on the price , that pontoon that guy wants to sell me is tempting , espicially because i want to have a trolling motor on
  3. do you sit upright in them ? or is it like sitting in a float tube , might get it for my dad , because if i get that pontoon he will be b*tching at me from shore if he only gets to stay on shore

    my brother and i do have a lund , but i'd like my own pontoon with a trolling motor , espicially for electric motor lakes like Beaver lake
  4. Here it is and I will go $175 on it. You sit upright on it and it is easier to kick around than in a float tube, where you are submerged.

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  5. hmm , that guy is selling me that pontoon for $100 and im tying him some leaders , so im going to buy that first . then maybe i might get that for my dad
  6. No worries mane. Since I have used it once and then I got one with oars, so I am undecided if I should sell it or hold onto it.
  7. BM, the oars work fine for bass fishing. rowing them are VERY VERY easy. just my .02, i am eventually getting one for mine, but the oars suit me fine for now.
  8. Where have you seen these reviews. I'd like to check them out.
  9. i plan to use the trolling motor to troll
  10. Look at the picture I posted...it looks like the same boat except for the seat.
  11. this retails for $300 , the guy has had no problems with it
  12. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Creek company Pontoon Mount? Anchor System, November 21, 2006
    By jvk73 from Pawtucket,RI

    "I bought a creek company XL Pontoon here last spring, used it once and I was hooked. Had to get some extras for it, The mount is awsome, fits 30 Lbs. thrust motor, battery and some takle. It shifts the weight just right, nice and level. Product is as specified and better. Lite aluminum diamond plate, rod holder is a nice bouns along with a little self locking anchor unit.

    that is a review form cabela's , for the trolling motor mount , he is referring to the one im getting
  13. The yellow boat that looks like it is sinking is a odc 8'. Cheap boat... stay away, I have one. The green odc in the pic shown above is not worth 300 buck, maybe 150. I know I am repeating myself, but I have alot of experience with all these boats and the fish cat 9 is the best deal by far!! Has everything you need and will last you forever. JMO
  14. the guy is selling me the pontoon for $100

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