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  1. hi,
    I know this has been covered but I have a few questions. I want to buy a pontoon boat. I dont' have a job and live off allowance so obviously I need something cheap. I want to use it mainly for ponds and lakes. i have looked at the Fish Cat Streamer, Fish Cat 8, Creek Company Sport Boat, Waterskeeter Pontoon boat, something called a BackPacker,and the Odc Sport. I dont want anything I don't need. So does anyone have any advice on these boats? thanks for your help
  2. Well, I know quite a few boatmakers (actual owner's that is), and have alot of insight on these boats. Most of your lower end boats are made in the same plants overseas. Two major manufacturers make most of the boats out on the market today. The key is this (and you'll see it quickly) to look at all the boats. See one you like. Come to find out, you'll find a few different makers that look identicle. Chances are good they were ALL built in same factory. So, at that point, give you money to the cheapest priced one that suits your needs. I don't price the mid/low end boats, so couldn't tell you what's the cheapest. But I know I saw ODC's on sale in the 8' for about $199. Can't remember where though. For what you want it for, you're set. You can get by with an ODC, skeeter, etc for a simple oversized floattube.
  3. I was also thinking of buying a pontoon, but also wanted it river capable, any suggestions there?
  4. LOL, this has been done plenty of times. You can get plenty of good info on them in previous posts. It all depends on price range and what you want to do with the boat. You can run the higher end boats if you want durability, weight handling, and fishing ability, or you can step down if you don't need the above. Plus, depends on the rivers you plan to fish as well.
  5. I saw a pontoon boat at Costco for $749. I'm not in the market for one but thought this was pretty well built. I forgot the name of the boat maker, but it's made in Kent. It has a 600lb capacity with the ability to stand up in it like the Steelheader models. The pontoons look pretty well built and they are in army green. It does look like a good buy, but I thought it could be a tad bit cheaper.

    My next pontoon with either be a steelheader or the Water Skeeter River guide model. Both have the ability to stand up on a platform or remove the platform. Of course all these are higher end models. Good luck on your hunt for the pontoon boat. Nowadays there are many to pick from and all pretty much do what you need it for(lake and ponds and even some tame rivers).
  6. Wow Jab, you're kidding? Someone else is selling their boats their now who's a local? I know one manufacturer lost their shirts going in conjunction with Costco. They have a return policy, and sounded like alot of people would buy and then return. Then, Costco has the right (and WILL) ship that boat back to the manufacturer for credit. I sure hope it's not a newer company, or a relatively unknown company. They'll be in for more then they bargained for.

    Yeah, for $749 at costco, there is something lacking, even if it's really nice looking. Chances are the boat may be "assembled" in Kent, but all the pieces are made overseas. At that price, it would have to be. The two major manufacturers can pump them out pretty fast. And if they have the nicer looking tubes, chances are they have the lighter material on the tubes. But, for what he's looking for above, he should be fine with it. Unless he gets some renegade trout that decides to bite the tubes of his boat.

    ;) :7
  7. I have making my own kick boats for ten years now, super stable, cheap,light, easy, out of "beadboard" insulation. A similiar boat was in a FF mag years ago. If anybody wants, I would try to describe. I have used from Missouri river to Yakima river and many spots between.
  8. Steelheader69,

    Yeah these boats weren't too impressive especially if I can't remember the name from two days ago. But for a person who just wants to kick around it may be a good pickup, but for $749 I know of a few better options with better warranties. The frame looked too similiar to ODC or one of those boats. It's not for me and it still looked like they had plenty of the shelf.
  9. Pontoon boats for rent on the Yakima river

    Remember you get what you pay for,and it can be a long walk to the truck.If you are around Tukwila check out Xstream at the north end of boeing field 762 6170
    or steelheader69 can hook ya up with Outcasts contacts.Those are the 2 best built boats I have seen.If you make it to ellensburg look me up and I can show you the xstream boats also. Good luck in your search
  10. LOL GWH. I have Skookum (Steelheader) and Waterskeeter connections. ;) Owned an Outcast pre Skookum days, but not no more. :thumb
  11. Pontoon boats for rent on the Yakima river


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