Pontoon "craft": How do you carry them?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by SuperDave, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. SuperDave

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    This is my first season with a new pontoon boat. After years of float tubing, the pontoon boat is a great improvement in my ability to cover the waters of some of the larger lakes. My current float tube, a very worn eleven year old "U-Boat" still has a place where portability is essential like in some of my favorite high mountain lakes.

    Packing the pontoon boat any distance at all is a chore. Although it only weighs 46 pounds, it really isn't well-suited to be carried without some sort of device. I tried building a single wheeled carrier with a 20" bicycle tire but the effort to keep the thing balanced is just too great. My current "creation" is based on an old golf cart and it is yet to be tested under actual use conditions like packing into Lenice.

    What do you guys use to carry your pontoon boats?
  2. Roper

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    Dave, I don't carry mine very far. I have a 8 foot Fish Cat and it weighs about 45 lbs. I do hike it up on my shoulders using the front foot bars, not an easy task. For Lenice, I suggest a partner to ferry your boat and then theirs. It takes time but it works.

    What "middle of the week" days were you thinking of fishing Lenice?

    P.S. there are commercial wheel attachments for kick boats, call Kaufmanns, they carry one.
  3. Hi Dave:
    We have a simple frame built by bending conduit, and use 20" bike tire. Works great on an Otter, push it in like a wheelbarrow with all your equipt., easy one man job. The group I fish Lenice with sometimes have 8-10 of these setups. Another good alternative is a SuperCat, you can backpack it fully inflated, less than 20 lb. with equipt., rowing frame etc. I've seen some Bucks or Outcasts down at lenice that also have a system, bike tire and the gooseneck from a bike I think, attaches to back of the frame, looks simple and works pretty good. But those boats are real heavy and would be tough to push through the sand, probably a 2 man job on lower trail. You should really take a look at the SuperCat. Post your e-mail and I'll send you some pictures.
  4. Jay Burman

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    I built a cart using wheels I bought from JW Outfitters. The wheels are also available at Kaufmanns. I built it using aluminum pipe and PVC pipe so it can be disassembled. I connected the wheels to the PVC using heavy duty Plastic wire-harnesses, similar to the type used by the police as handcuffs. I assemble it at the parking area and pull it to the lake. At lenice, I have to back up to the gate and assemble the cart and the pontoon boat on the lake side of the gate. It saves a lot of time. You can completely assemble the cart and the pontoon boat with the rods in their holders all ready to fish and easily pull it to the lake shore. I fish Lenice every Friday, so if your there when I am, I'll gladly show you how it works. Also, Kaufmanns sells a bicycle wheel assembly that I hear works quite well.
  5. Scott Salzer

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    I have a packable Xstream, which is about 20 lbs., 35 with gear. No problem over to the desert lakes. Packed it 4.5 mile on my first trip. I do have to admit that the bigger pontoons sit higher, but I can take this one a reasonable distance.
    I have seen all types of contraptions to get over to Nunnally /Lenice, not sure one works any better than the other. Sometimes, it might be better to leave the pontoon and go with a tube.
  6. Whitey

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    Last weekend I went over to Nunnally and lenice. I saw a guy with a little red "radio flyer" wagon draggin his Pontoon boat out to Nunally. Whatever works.....YT
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    Fish till ya drop.
    Then suck it up
    and fish the evening hatch.

    Most of those bicycle tire contraptions work well when you have a desert trail or a road to pack in over. With most Forest trails and nearly all hike in Canadian waters, they aren't useable at all.
    If you really want to cover all the water.....you'll get a backpack pontoon. Several companies make smaller lightweight models with rowbars if desired that are designed to be backpackable up timbered trails,bad terrain and narrow fishermans trails. I have a Bronco for comfort and a JW Outfitters "Backpacker" for hike ins.
  8. gotchasr

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    I bought one of the wheels Kaufmann's carries. The price is a little steep, but still the best 120 bucks I ever spent. The set-up is very slick and it makes it very easy to get the wheel on and off.
  9. SuperDave

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    Thanks for the responses. You've given me some ideas for future reference if my current carrier doesn't work out. As was pointed out, taking a carrier and boat through the sand can be tough. I've got a Dave Scadden Pontoon Craft (much like a Fish Cat 9)that I like but it is proving to be a challenge as to how to pack it any distance. Being FRUGAL, I'd like to come up with my own "creation."
  10. Chris Scoones

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    One of the members who hasn't been around in while posted some pictures a while back on a cart he built. Thought you might wan't to see them...

    [link:www.washingtonflyfishing.com/jim/|All the pictures]