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    Well, I've always had multi piece frames. Hence the two piece you see above. But after a couple years on constant fishing pressure to bring friends with, I just opted for a big one piecer. Figuring I'd always have the seats filled. Once I built it, the pressure to hop a ride went down. Bastards. LOL. Luckily, I rarely ever went with just two people, normally had all three seats filled. But there were times I had that rear seat open up to the very last minute.

    Actually, if I had a smaller frame built that two man up front setup works great. Just like having a driftboat. I actually ran it this way, just slid that frame as far back as I could to balance it out. Was almost to the tips of the rear of the toons. Worked great. When I figured "Damned, if I could've only taken the rear module out". So when I buy another 16' set of tubes, have my new frame ready to be built to my specs. In theory, that was an awesome boat. Worked great. Just not as functional to break down and change as I was used to in my whitewatering. The frame at the top with the steelheader in the pic actually had two different cargo module frames that I sold off. Kept the basic setup, since it was the one I used most of the time.
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    Spent a few days floating the Bogie and tried the strap idea. Worked great! I'm sold. Another nice feature the strap offered was a handle to tow by. The water was the lowest ever seen by most residents. I had a few sandbars to tug my raft over.

    Didn't see any fish, but learned a new river and had a great time.
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    Thanks for posting your report. It's such a simple idea, and most people scoff at it at first. But once they try it, they like it. Glad it worked for you. And you're right, I thought I had mentioned that you could use it to tow around as well. And if your frame is short enough, you have enough loop that once you slide off the standing platform (or if you don't have one too) you have something that surrounds you. So you can walk downriver and cast while your boat is around you with no worries of it floating away.