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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by justinrogers, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. justinrogers Hi, my names Justin and i am a fly fishing addict

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    i recently came into ownership of a pontoon that seems to have a leak somewhere. i have taken it out of the cover and attempted to find the leak. any tips or advice on finding this rascal?

  2. isaacfab Member

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    I use soapy water or just soap, liquid dish soap that is, applied to the suspected area. The leak will 'bubble' the soap when the pontoon is fully inflated.
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    Ran into the same thing least fall, picked up a used toon and found out it had a slow leaker. Took the bladder out, inflated and spent what seemed like forever spaying with soapy water and checking every square inch looking for bubbles. After going over the thing many times, I finally spotted it. Very small bubbles, that were slowly accumulating. Wasn't the easiest thing to spot. Installed the patch and it hasn't leaked since. I would also recommend that you have a nice clean floor to do this on to minimize getting any thing on it that can create another pin hole leak. You will actually want to wash it once you find the leak. (use a permenant marker to circle your leak before washing the soap off). Dry the area well before patching. My kit had a alcohol pad to clean area before patching. Be sure to hold pressure on the patch for a couple minutes after applying. Good luck.
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    Inflate it as much as possible and stick it in a kiddie pool or something similar. Are you positive it is not the valve? They can be problematic, but are easily rebuilt.