Pontoon PFD/DUI Question

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Cruik, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. themaninthemoon

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    Freestone, Brian Miller, & most everyone else seems to be in agreement on these subject items;
    1), wear your PFD, while out on the water,
    2), carry/attach a whistle to your PFD, &
    3), No boozing, while out on the water, because of the

    "CONSEQUENCES", ..... like,

    a), you can & probably will get a DUI/Public Intoxication ticket, be arrested, go to jail, & have some, or all of your gear confiscated, costing you a lot/tons, of money,
    b), you might, (while under the influence), make a mistake in which you could lose your life, or cost someone else to lose their life, (making you wish it had been you instead of them),
    which could all be avoided if you will just follow the "RULES"

    Even the "Good Book" says "All things in moderation"
    which shows that "Common Sense", was implied, & was also just as important 2000 years ago as it is in today's world of innovative, cutting edge, technologies & industries.
    Nuff said!
  2. Ed Call

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    I spoke to a swift water rescue and recovery technician a year or so ago. I asked him why I never read a report of a river fatality that says "the deceased was wearing a life vest" because they all seem to read "the deceased was NOT wearing a life vest". He said he or members of his team have pulled dozens of dead bodies out from under large woody debris in various rivers in Washington. He has never seen one dredged up from under any such debris that had a life vest on their body. None. He got a really serious look, like the one I'm trying to shoot your way now, really serious, and said NONE.

    Sometimes, maybe 50% of the time when I get out of the boat and wade on a bar or bank I will take my vest off, but on the boat it seems like it should be on. Things happen fast on the water, one might not have time to locate, put on and fasten their life vest when they need it.
  3. Brian Miller

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    I got the same lecture Ed did from a Swiftwater Rescue Technician Instructor during a class.

    River Safety: A Floaters Guide written by Stan Bradshaw: an analysis of boating accidents in the state of Montana where they are tracked, includes some general "how to" stuff as well. Good book.
  4. Gregg Lundgren

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    This data has me somewhat questioning the thumbs down on using manual inflatables on rivers, but I will still continue to wear my Type III on moving water, and save my manual inflatable for stillwater. Perhaps dozens of dead bodies is not a large enough sample size.
  5. themaninthemoon

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    If you've ever seen a stinking, bloated carcass, of someone who has drowned & their body has been "recovered" would be,
    in my opinion,
    enough to convince even the most diehard opponents of wearing your PFD's while on the water.
    And whether you are out in lakes, ponds, streams, or rivers, there is never enough "time" to grab your PFD & put it on, because you are trying to do, TOO many other things like keeping your craft afloat, or grabbing your cell, camera, etc., to think about putting on your PFD.

    Gregg, I believe the thumbs down issue is because too many people are trying to break their fall, (trying to protect their body 1st), instead of reaching for the pull cord to inflate a manual PFD.
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    As explained at one of the club meting by a member who had an encounter with WDFW officer, if you are in a pontoon with oars you need a PFD, if you are using fins only no PDF, with that being said there are some nice fishing vest that are also PFD's.
  7. Stewart

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    IF I understand it right, a float tube isn't a vessel.
  8. On our first trip to Yellowstone in the '80's we were using float tubes and required to register before fishing Yellowstone lake. Regulations required PFD's which none of us had, however when we said the tubes had a separate tube for backrest it satisfied them. The only time we were ever questioned about PFD's, however I do know of several local issues with pontoons, understood one was issued citation and fined but not sure if others were just warnings. I usually don't wear one but I do have CG approved SOS'penders brand waist belt, just have to start wearing it I guess. I do know quite a few that slip a PFD over the seatback, a good idea too.