Pontoon Problems

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jappleg, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. jappleg

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    Took my new Outfitter 300 for a "spin" on the Yakima yesterday. Beautiful day, good fishing.

    Just prior to getting off the water the left pontoon partially deflated. I believe it's a dual badder system so I assumed one of the bladders had been punctured. This morning I inspected the exterior cover of the toon and could find no holes or tears: I reinflated and it seems to hold air well. This is my first pontoon boat so I'm unsure of the problem; is it a bad valve that should be replaced? If so, how do you identify which valve is bad? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. barbless

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    Not to be flip about it, but if a valve is bad, there is usually air coming out of it. Take the bladder out of the cover and inflate it fully. Put a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle with some water and spray it on parts of the bladder you are suspicious of (usually the seams if applicable). Watch for new bubbles. It should be pretty obvious.

  3. zipmyfly

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    I have the same toon and noticed that if you don't close the little twist turn valve button it will deflate.
  4. Jerry Metcalf

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    Pump it up good and hard, the valves sometimes leak if not seated well.

  5. Scott Keith

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    Not to be a pessimist but I just took that same toon back to Costco because of it constantly defllating. The first time it deflated I had found a small hole worn in the INNER bladder. The inside of the outer covering is really rough, and the inner bladder is pretty thin.... I had only used mine in lakes and was pretty careful in how I handled it. I patched the bladder up, left it inflated for 5 days. Put it back in the toon, took it out and within 15-20 minutes it was starting to deflate again. Another hole in the inner bladder. Patched that up, left it inflated for a few days to make sure that it wasn't going to deflate on me again. Took it back out to the lake, again within 15-20 minutes it was starting to deflate. So, I took it back and Costco gave me a full refund. Next toon I buy will probably be from the local fly shop so if I ever have any problems with it I can get some real help in fixing the problem.

  6. chadk

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    I'm wondering if anyone has any actual experience with any of our local fly shops actually helping fix a problem with a boat?? You know, beyond "let me give you the adress of the manufacturer"....

    Seriously, I hope you are right, but in my limitted experience, if you break something you buy from a fly shop, it's your problem for the most part. But maybe someone can give an example of a fly shop helping repair a leaky pontoon?? Costco took it back with no questions asked. Would have replaced it if they had any in stock and you wanted to. Anyone have that same experience with a fly shop? Again, not being a jerk, just asking for some actual experience with this to set the record straight...
  7. barbless

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    I bought an Outcast float tube from the downtown Creekside shop. One of the bladders developed a leak while I was on the other side of Lake Lenore from my truck ("luckily" the wind came up 30 seconds after I noticed the leak - so I had to walk back anyway). Got the thing back home, took out the offending bladder and found the leak. For the hell of it, I took out the other bladder and discovered that it also had a leak in almost the exact same spot (it was on a seam).
    The tube was under warranty, so I called Creekside, they said bring em in. They sent the bladders back to the manufacturer for replacement for me - I just paid their postage. Took about 10 days to get the replacement bladders back to the shop. They didn't fix the bladders, but they fixed the problem. Good service IMHO.

  8. gbeeman

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    I had problems with the bladders in my Buck's pontoon boat. I shipped them back to Buck's and they fixed them free each time. Now I leave it inflated as much as possible and haven't had any problems for a while.

  9. Mike Wilson

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    I have an old Bucks Bronco (12 years old), and a newer Outcast (5 years old). I keep them semi-inflated, and in the trailer on my wifes side of the garage. This works perfect. They have not developed any leaks in the 5 years I have owned them, and my wifes car does fine in the drive way.