Pontoon, raft, or kayak, for Methow river?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by wbholmesx, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. wbholmesx

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    I have recently started fishing the Methow river regularly with my wife and want to get a boat/boats that we can use on the Methow, lakes, and a few times on the Sakgit. We are both athletic and strong, but safety is a big issue for my wife and I want to keep her excited about her love to fly fish. She also likes to sea kayak, but is timid about river kayaking. I want to make sure to NOT scare the hell out of her on the river.

    What are the pros/cons/advantages and safety concerns of a large pontoon boat with a deck, verses large sit on top kayaks, verses raft boats setup for fishing?

  2. Methow

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    Pontoon or raft would do you just fine on the Methow, you might look at the 2 or 3 man Pontoons same with the rafts. Make sure you have on your PFDs when on the water.
  3. Itchy Dog

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    Check out Watermaster rafts as well. Do a search and it'll come up often.
    They're very stable.
  4. islandfisherman

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    Brian,Give the folks up at Ocean Kayak a call,someone told me that they have a demo program,and I think that you can even get them to bring a couple of boats down so you two can test them out....my vote is for a kayak as you can tell.....Alan
  5. Ron Hecker

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    Brian, we recently purchased a NRS 14' raft. My wife loves to flyfish but is not a good swimmer. I wanted somthing that she would feel comfortable in and still feel secure. It's working great, we have fished quite a few rivers in Montana as well as Yakima and Skagit etc. Works great in skinny water also. Better than my old drift boat. My vote is for a raft.