Pontoon Shopping/Building

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Wirednoodle, Feb 13, 2009.

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    And Mumbles, yeah I am a pretty hardcore toon freak. I'm going to see if I can do a frame capture on some old whitewater videos I have from an old group I rafted with. Can show some of the experimental tubes we made back then. Some pretty weird stuff. Not many cataraft manufacturers backthen, so guys built their own. Pretty oddball designs. I think I've had a good 20 or so custom frames built for myself. I've done some pretty weird things with them. I was tempted to learn how to weld, but think I'd have a yard full of frames in no time if I did. LOL
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    Jerry, thanks to the recommendations of you, GT and river elf (sorry if I omitted any others) I got some 7.5' cataract mini mags for my toon. I'll say that they are burly for sure as I've been hanging from them like a 225# gorilla, they flex but barely. If a whole frame was made of that type of material it would be tough as hell and I'd consider it except for one thing...WEIGHT. Those frames would likely be way heavier than stainless, steel or aluminum. Of course catastrophic failure is much more critical in a carbon bike frame that in places is only an impregnated layer or two of carbon fiber thick, not like those cataracts that could be use to beat a bear senseless. (not that I want to try that by risking a bear encounter, I'm just mumbling)
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    Let me know when you decide on something, i'd like to take a look (I'm out in Hillsboro)

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    All sorts of info scattered through here. Thanks for all the responses!

    I'll hollar at you when I get it complete veilside!