Pontoon stillwater anchor

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ron Olsen, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. So what do you all use for an anchor for the 'toon in a lake? I have a 6# plastic "mushroom" but it really doesn't work that well. And a bag to fill with rocks that kinda works.

    Was wondering about some of the anchors I see with flukes that open out. Anyone used one of these in the wind, and will it hold?

    Yea, 12# lead would do it, but that is a chunk to haul into Nunnally!:beathead:

  2. Works well for my kayak but never tried one on a toon. I bought it not knowing if it would for sure work but figured I could not go to wrong at $3 at a marine garage sale last year.
  3. i use a 10 lb mushroom or a 10 lb downrigger ball. hang on to the 6 lber to use as your second anchor when chronie fishing. make sure you are anchored off your stern rather than the side. anchoring from the side offers much more surface for the wind to hit and you need a heavier anchor. i'm surprised the 6 lber doesn't work, at least most of the time.
  4. Try letting more line out, anchor line should be 1.5 times the depth.
  5. I use a 25 pound plastic coated mushroom anchor. I picked it up from Wal Mart.

  6. Try a 5 or 10# one hand barbell. I used the 5 today and had great luck with it. Plastic coating always make them slick.
  7. Those are called danforth anchors, I use one in the puget sound on my 17' whaler. They work well, but they work best in a sandy bottom or some sort of loose soil. The key to the anchor working well is having 2 or 3 feet of chain attached to it so it gets drug along the bottom, that will cause the flukes to dig in. If you just tie it off directly to the rope you will not catch on the bottom very well. The anchor I use on my boat only weighs about 5 or 6lbs.
  8. I use a stack of rocks that I store next to the landing. They were in place for years but Larry seeems to be throwing them to Otto. Need to restock my supply.
  9. I use a 5# 4 folding fluke from West Marine.


  10. This is what I use and when hiking into the hike in lakes I just tell myself the extra lbs is for conditioning..
  11. 12 pack of PBR bottles...but you tend to drag anchor more as the day progresses.

  12. 8 pound pyramid anchor works great for me.
  13. I have had my fanny dragged around many lakes until... A 10# pyramid works almost all the time. It is the best compromise between weight and holding I've found.
  14. I have a 6# mushroom and a 15# lead pyramid for those spacial windy days in eastern WA. Jim.
  15. I used a 5lb dumbell for lakes when I had my southfork. Seemed to work fine. It shouldn't take much.

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