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  1. Wanting to hang my Scadden in my garage semi inflated. I know a lot of you do this so if any of you have pics of your pulley systems and what not I'd be glad to learn a thing or two! I would prefer to hang it from the ceiling as opposed to the wall so that there is less pressure on few points of the boat.

    Scadden assault XX it's 10ft 30lbs
  2. Don't have pics available, but I used the hanger pulleys for a bicycle setup and it works fine. Got them on sale for about $15... but mine has a metal frame to hook to and its 75 lbs, so may not work for yours.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of something like this but I want sure that it was a good idea to hang the boat from the d rings??
  4. Golfman, I don't have the pictures with me at work, but I used schedule 40 1 1/2" pipe. Parts: '2' 4 way adaptors & '2' Ten foot sections of pipe. The center pipe runs from about the front skid pads back to the center of the seat, this is real close to the CG. Glue the 4 way connectors on each end of this pipe. Cut the second ten foot section into four 2 1/2' pieces. Glue each of these into the 4 ways and that should be long enough to extend outside the sides of the raft. Drill a 3/8" hole about 2-3" inches from the end of each of the 4 pieces. This is where the light rope gets tied to. I use 4 pulleys in the rafters. Position the raft exactly where you want it [ i have open rafters so i needed to split the difference ] You don't want one of the front pontoons even with a 2X6. Thru bolt the 4 pulleys [ I used cheap ones from Fred Meyer, along with a 100' length of 1/4" braided rope. If you have open rafters just rig a plumb bob to position the pulleys perfectly. I bought a fairly cheap boat winch and ran the 4 lengths of rope through the pulleys and to the winch. Leave extra length of rope where it is tied to the 4 side pieces, this is where you make adjustments to keep the raft level side to side and front to rear. I probably made it sound overcomplicated, but you just make an " H " pattern out of the schedule 40. It is light enough to raise it without the winch, but for 30 bucks it's worth it. I took it a little farther by running the rope through extra pulleys and eye bolts just to make all 4 lengths of rope come straight down to the winch. I'll try to get some pictures posted when i get a chance.
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  5. Interesting, this seems simple enough and effective. So if I understand you right, this is the general idea when looking up at the boat from the floor of the garage:


    Blue is my scadden, black lines is the 1.5" pipe, brown is the 4 pieces of rope tied to the ends thru a hole, and red are the pulleys?

    The one thing I'm struggling to visualize is when doing this in my garage is where to position the boat wench to pull the boat up evenly. My ceiling is flat there are no open rafters...the pulleys will probably be bolted into the ceiling. I'm not sure how to create an angle so that one wench can be cranked with all 4 ropes evenly. Pictures of yours would probably help....or maybe I'm completely mis-understanding your description haha.

    Thanks again for the help
  6. Check out this video. It 'so for a commercial solution, the Harken Hoist, but it can be built from scratch and may be similar to what Speyfitter describes. I have one but haven't gotten around to rigging it up yet. But hey, it's only been 10 years or so - you can't rush these things, lol.

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  7. Wow that is sweet. Building a combo of that and sportsmans idea w/ the pipes would be perfect i think.
  8. Golfman, pictures coming. My design does work better with open rafters, but it's still doable. Your drawing is on the mark.
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  9. I owe you a six pack
  10. Sorry to say it's gotta be Pepsi, Pepsi!
  11. Now that I think of it tho, that harken design has a serious flaw in that it can't raise an object that high off the ground. It is limited by the space between the wall and the 5th pulley. Those 4 ropes become 1 and it wouldn't feed thru the solo pulley on the wall -- hence why the only things lifted in the video start on top of a car.

    I'll most likely be lifting my boat off the ground so I'll need more room than that...altho I guess I could lift it off my truck bed but that adds another step.
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  13. Finally: I forgot that I chopped up the original cradle for my Waterstrider, it had a center pipe that ran the full length of the raft. I've been meaning to redo this, but it would only be for looks. Centerline between the 3 way and the 4 way is 34 inches [ for you canadiens you have to remember that us Americans are learning the metric system inch by inch!] I also cut the side pieces and then glued end caps on, just because. I looked over my original post and it is real close to the original design. If you look back in the archives many years ago, you'll see it. My bro-in-law has a flat ceiling also and this works for him, just a little different along with an electric winch! He one-upped me on that one! So you need to screw open eye lag bolts into the studs and buy pulleys with a closed eye. Run your lines through eye bolts as needed to get over to the winch....just get started and it will come together...remember that McGuyver is your hero! 25-30 bucks in parts, less the winch, which is a luxury only.

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  14. Golfman, just noticed your avator: is the 'coho queen' a Seiner or a strangler[gillnetter] ??
  15. That reminds me. I still have the hoist that my family had to use to lift my 500 lb uncle out of bed. You can have it.
  16. got pictures?
  17. [​IMG]
  18. that thing would be perfect for centerpinnin off my pac 12
  19. boat4.jpg


    Not pictured are two eye bolts I bungee the foot braces to. They keep the boat from spinning and keep it level. It'll stay pretty close to level without them depending on what I leave in the storage pockets or what I leave attached to the boat (net, fins, etc.).


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