Poor camping etiquette by fisherman

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by patrick barta, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I'll give the man the benefit of the doubt and assume he was not hogging territory or camped illegally, or on an obvious trail (if they were camping right on a trail, none of my comments are valid):

    It really doesn't matter where a person is camped, a (legal) camp is a camp and it should be considered sovereign ground.
    This was true when, and where, I was raised.
    It is still is true and you will recognize and respect other's privacy if you are a courteous, respectful, thoughtful Sportsman.
    Not to mention...legally, your camp IS your HOME while you occupy it. It is considered private and even law enforcement must obtain a search warrant, or have strong probable cause, to enter and search a camp in most situations.

    Just where were some of you raised that think it is OK to waltz through a man's camp?
    That's just not courteous, respectful, or AMERICAN.
  2. iagree iagree
  3. Just to clarify a few things here. We were not camped on the trail. There really isn't any trail. We were at the Buckskin Mary site which is just a bunch of sites along the river.

    There was lots of room to avoid our site. A simple 10 paces around the shrubs would have done the trick.

    I've had people walk through camp before, but it is always with some sort of greeting before entering. I can be a pretty friendly guy and can hold a conversation, especially when it comes to fishing, but when someone wonders through without saying a word, like we don't exist... that bugs me.

    I'm pretty protective of my camp. Several years ago camping on Rock Creek my friend and I had our camp looted. The took the stove, lantern, cooler full of beer and food!

    Furthermore... I've got a family to protect. It was warm and we all set up tents without rain flies. You can feel somewhat violated when a stranger walks next to your tent early in the morning with your ugly's hanging out!
  4. PB,

    I was holding off on commenting until I heard more info. The fact that you were in an established campground away from the trail leads me to believe the angler(s) should not walk through your camp uninvited or at least without a greeting first.

    As far as the trout rising in front of the camp water, unless you are already there ready to fish, anyone should be able to access that part of the river. I know that wasn't your primary issue but it was brought up by others.
  5. Judging by the orifice remarks, your panties are likely a little compressed.

    Go Sox,
  6. Here in the midwest, a lot of these kind of violations are committed by people who don't speak english too well.

    If they did, a friendly conversation first..................and mixing in the lesson later in the chat......would help to teach etiquette rather than get in a huff. In a way, you get on thier good side, and when the lesson or comment comes sweetly, they become quite embarrased later. I learned campground etiquette this way when we were setting up at night and my car door open "beeper" was dinging for 20 minutes. We were moving our gear out quietly, quickly, and with military precision, but forgot about that little constant "ding". We were offered help, and when we asked why he got up and walked over in the cold at such a late hour, he explained that the beeping made him feel like he was attached to a cardiac monitor.
    A little humor, a lesson, and we were immediately mortified.

    I'm also the guy who is very aware of staying FAR behind cars when driving along scenic roads, like along lake crescent.

    But if you are posting on the internet, and seeking to take surveys, perhaps the etiquette issue is trumped by some stewing and mulling issues. Dont get your knickers in a twist. Teach the finer points....some folks truly just don't know any better. There parents were snaggers.
  7. I accidentally hiked through someones camp site up in Box Canyon Creek. By the time I realized it there was no turning back. I apoligized and kept going. I didn't feel to bad when I noticed the 4 huge spinning rods leaned up against the tree, and the pile of garbage they were accumulating in the woods. I think as long as you announce before you enter you should be ok.
  8. I'd expect a friendly greeting and the person to ask if it were ok to travel through the camp. If not, go around and go fishing. If ok, then smile and let them get on looking for rising fish while you guys watch from camp.

    Lots of interesting opinions here on what is acceptable and not. Some down right rude.
  9. I don't know what's right or wrong for others. I just know I wouldn't walk through someone else's campsite unless the trail ran through the site or there was no other way to get through. I would find it very impolite to walk through as you described.

    I know I'm old fashioned in many ways. I still hold to the image that those who fish with flies should show class and respect. And it isn't just about releasing wild fish and honoring someone else who is already on the body of water. It's a very refined art form, to cast a fly well. Classy, beautiful, graceful. Some people wear the costume but lack integrity even if they can cast.

    But what do I know. I'm just a raisin with a trailing loop problem who is trying to be a grape with a tight loop, dressed like a wannabe model in an L.L. Bean catalog.
  10. I don't know where these "too sensitive" people are coming from. Assuming these folks had the option to go around your campsite, I'd be livid. My tolerance would be far less than yours. In other words a productive confrontation would be warranted. Mine would involve a .45
  11. Would a shotgun load of rocksalt penetrate the 22 layers of premium Orofice waders???:D
  12. I'm with you Pan.
  13. I'm inclined to say it was rude, disrespectful, unwarranted behavior if another route was available to them.

    Not too many years back, my better half and I had pulled our 5th wheel to a well known campground in Bishop, Ca. where we had stayed many times before. We always reserved the same far corner spot because of its beauty and privacy.
    One morning while we were sitting at the picnic table beside out trailer having our breakfast, a rather large Teutonic woman in her late fifties walked around the corner of our trailer with her shepard and proceeded to let her dog take a huge dump about two feet behind our trailer in front of us without even so much as an "excuse me".:eek:
    She made no attempt to apologize or clean up her dogs excrement. We both watched in disgusted awe as she wandered back to her large motorhome in the next row.
    I had no alternative other than to scoop up sizeable, still steaming poundage into a plastic bag and deliver it to her motorhome doorstep where I explained politely that I would be more than happy to FEED it to her or her husband should the incident happen again. Needless to say, we had no more doggie visits.

    The moral of this is; Be polite, but don't take shit from anybody/anything" :thumb:
  14. Hey D!CK W@D, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, we are camping here and you are not invited. Give me some damn space, my family is here. Don't play that if I don't look at them or speak to them they won't notice me tromping through their campsite bullshit.

    I don't visit Disneyworld with a flyrod or tent!
  15. I would have said, "hey, how's it going" greeted him and offered a beer, introduced my family, and shot the shit with him. but apparently being friendly wasnt an option for you. sad........
  16. offered him a beer and introduced him to your family? Dude! smoke another bowl. :rofl:
  17. No sense leaving the gated community at home.
  18. Hey, there is a solid way to get a stretch of water all to yourself. Being the Vice President or President gets that done! Let us know your platform, good luck.
  19. Just a comment on a possibility for them not saying anything to you while passing though. Maybe they were just trying to get through without disturbing you. You know if they don't say anything then you might not notice them. So it could be that they were being polite in their own way, by trying to not disturb you too much. Maybe they did not notice the access around your site. Who knows, I'm not giving an opinion on what I think because I wasn't there. I'm just throwing out some ideas or possibilities that have not been brought up yet.
  20. I encounter more rudeness at Costco or Walmart than this. More frequent and for longer duration. If you expect fly fishermen to be better than average, that's the real problem.

    What good would you have accomplished by getting into a verbal or physical confrontation? I'm not saying he wasn't rude, or you should never have any say about people encroaching your space.

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