Poor camping etiquette by fisherman

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by patrick barta, Aug 17, 2009.

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    I agree with Charles. You lost all credibility with me with your repeated "orifice" remarks. After which I doubt the situation was like you say. Next time someone comes "close" to your camp offer up some hot coffee and act like a grown up.
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    Well that's just it... I do expect fly fisherman to be better than average. I consider it a fraternity of like minded people who respect nature, the environment and other people.

    What if you were fishing a hot steelhead run and some bozo steps in underneath you. He doesn't say a word, doesn't ask permission, just starts fishing as if you weren't there. Isn't that the same thing as what I'm talking about here. Wouldn't all of you be pissed off??
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    No, I don't think you were out of line one bit. To me, the Orifice profile was somthing that had nothing to do with it though. I have had this happen to me before, and not because I was camping on the trail, river bank, or on the way to the outhouse. You just have to shake your head at those that have no idea, and try to deal with it in whatever manner you see fit. Those that say it's no big deal, let them think that way. To those where it is an issue of someone trampling through your campsite because it is in a stright line to where they are going, I'm on your side.

    A campsite is what? 12x12? You would think there would be some common courtesy and give way.

    I would hope that those who say it is no biggie, or say your panties are wadded up, are the same who feel being low holed is okay, or doesn't mind when someone decides to fish in thier back pocket, or that river etiquitte is over rated. To me it all starts when you wake up on the water. Show some class. If not for the sport, for youself.
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    Oh.... about the "orifice" thing. Christ... don't you people have a sense of humor?

    I have a friend who owns a bunch of Orvis stuff and I like to flip him shit about it. There's just something about a fly fishing company who also sells women's panties and handbags that I find funny.
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    So I am suppose to know that you are joking and not bashing someone that wears a particular brand of gear. How the hell am I suppose to determine that?
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    Wow you got mad at someone for walking thru your campsite... grow up and be a little bit nicer, if you arnt going to be nice to them they're just going to keep walking thru and pissing you off haha well atleast i would.
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    Wow...some people are actually are telling the guy in the camp to "GROW UP" and "share a cup of coffee" or "a beer" and "shoot the shit" with a rude intruder.

    You are the people who should grow up and realize not everyone can go around doing as they please with total disregard for anyone else's rights.

    This "Its all Good" attitude is a bunch of Beeding Heart liberal crap. It is not "All Good" and the sooner rude people learn a little courtesy and respect the better off we will all be.

    Until then...you guys who think those of us who value privacy (ours and YOURS) need to grow up... grow up and act like an adult yourselves.
    You can start with learning COURTESY and RESPECT; they are adult qualities you need to learn about.
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    iagree Amen!
  9. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    I agree with your statement and it was well written but I would leave out the fallacy about being a liberal. I am a liberal mysefl but if anyone walks through my camp in a rude mannor and yells at my wife, (and that goes for the people who call this man hypersensitive) these people are going to get hurt. Although I would be more than friendly with someone who was curtious and kind. I think that this so called (trail) that the family was camping on was not established by the Washington state department of Parks and Recreation, nor the fucking Department of Transportation. If I see a family camping on intersate 5 that is a different story. Fuck your stupid trail, go around and leave the family alone, and if you walk through my camp " just to piss me off" your gonna get your 5wt up your ass.
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    The OP has not bothered to answer the critical question: Was the "intruder" following an established trail?

    If he was following a trail, then you and Panhandle with his .45 are out of line. If the intruder was not following a trail and just wandering through the camp then he's just begging for a lesson in courtesy and respect.

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    yeah, he did.

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    Well then. Given the other stories in this thread I guess I'm not surprised. Continually amazed, but not surprised. Sorry that self entitled boob had to pass through your life Patrick. I know it is hard to find a nice private camp spot when you've got a wife and kids to consider.
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    SMC , you would be right, but not quite this time: If you read my previous post you would see that I metioned none of my comments were valid if he WAS on a trail.
    And he did answer the above question in a subsequent post (posted before my second post)...he was NOT on a trail.
    Sorry SMC...we are not out of line, it really looks like the rude intruders were.
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    Yep. Cross posting. Carry on witcher bad selves. :beer2:
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    Yeah, me too, I am a slow typist.
    It was interesting to see other's beliefs about what constitutes rudeness, or not.

    It was more amazing to see how many people threatened to be rude, to any of us, if given the chance.
    That is what is sad...

    I hope my path never crosses one of the "Grow Up" people with the "Do what feels good even if it makes someone else feel bad" attitudes.
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    I hope none of our paths cross with the "rather large Teutonic woman" and her dog! Too funny and cheers to Mark Walker!

  17. Randall Dee Castaway

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    I value privacy and would never walk thru someones camp if I could avoid it. The thing that's silly to me, is to expect to get privacy on the Deschutes. I mean it's the D for Christ sake. Only the most popular river in the whole state of Oregon. If you really value your privacy that much, stay home.
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    Yes, both IMHO.

    I think this problem may be specific to you since I've never heard of anyone else carrying emotional scars from a brush with a misguided camp-walker. And I can't help factoring in that you find "Orifice" so funny that it bears repeating four times in a single post..

    Its been my personal experience that if someone upsets you, you should either say something, or not. And then move on. Moving on is the important part b/c dwelling on it only bothers you - the other guy does not care. I hope the rest of your trip was good and that this is not the memory you take away from it.

    If anything gives fly fishermen a black eye, its probably fly fishermen complaining about fly fishermen on a fly fishing website. That's just my opinion. I normally wouldn't offer it, but you asked.

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    Wow... I sure didn't expect this!

    Sorry about that "orifice" thing if I offended any "Orvis" people. I actually have a pair of Orvis wet wading shoes that work pretty good, except for the fact that the stitching in the booties wears hole in my ankles... Ouch! Maybe that's where the hate comes from.

    Speaking of "hate" a fair number of you seem to have plenty.

    I'm a pretty friendly guy who lives in the city. I say hello to strangers walking on the street, and I try to live life by the Golden Rule. I respect the needs and space of others but when someone is rude, I sure as hell ain't gonna offer them a beer!

    Our trip was my 6th time down the Deschutes. I usually do a fall trip with friends and family trips in the summer. The odd thing is that no one else has ever come close to wandering through our camp except for fly fisherman.

    Again... I don't have a problem with fly fisherman walking through camp (it's happened plenty) as long as they are respectful, I don't think that's to much to ask.

    I'm done with this... and I sure as hell hope that anyone on this board who thinks it's fine to walk through someone else's camp, within arms reach of my kids sitting down for breakfast, without saying a word, acting like we don't exist, does not camp or fish near me.
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    maybe you should have brought this up with the 'intruder', instead of crying about it on a FF forum. better luck next time, lol