"Poor coho run"

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  1. Did anyone read the article in today's Post-Intelligencer stating that coho returns have been "bad everywhere?" Somebody please say it ain't so, as I'm planning to hit some Seattle area beaches this weekend. Is it worth my while, or will I just be getting some more casting practice?
  2. It sure seems that way in the north sound. Rivers aren't as full either, but it's early. I heard from some people that the salmon runs in AK sucked too. A lot of boats stopped early and came back home. Say, could you cut and paste that article here?
  3. There are more legs and sleds in the sky and sno system right now than coho. Didn't find very many fish in the salt either. Just a bunch of resident fish. Strange, there is definatly a lot of bait in the salt.
  4. And one big ass sea lion off of a north sound beach :(
  5. Matt, I'd cut and paste it, but I read the hard copy, not on line.

    So, would my time be better spent up on the middle fork Snoq. chasing trout, or does a newb stand a chance of a hook up at Lincoln Park?

    Thanks. Rich
  6. The Sekiu sport checks in the straits continue to be way below average, fishing, similar reports all summer in the ocean (whether off the coast or Vancouver Island), and the Sound has inconsistent since early August when the major of the resident coho were caught out. The early returns to such places as Sunset Falls on the Skykomish are running well behind average for this time of the year - counts to date are the lowest in the last seven years; less than 1/2 of average.

    Yes it is still early but none of the signs are pointing to even an average run size. I disagree that the smaller fish currently being caught in the Sound are resident fish. The few that I have looked at appear to be ocean fish that had found less than good feeding condition. A very unusual year to see part of the run being exceptionally robust fish and others being smaller than average - likely pointing to spotty conditions in their feeding areas.

    The situation seems to be compound by a more severe case of lockjaw for those fish in the area.

    However to your question if it is worth while to fish? Remember even during the poor years there are 100,000s of fish head to the Seattle area and points south so there are fish to be had; just not the numbers in the past. While many anglers are reporting "skunk" those that stumble upon the right pod of fish have successful outings.

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  7. They might have been runt ocean fish, all I know is I haven't hooked a single coho over 4 pounds in the sound. :confused:
  8. Curt,
    So maybe we are in a down cycle for Salmon as we discussed earlier at one point. That means Steelhead will be kicking that ass this year! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think counts at sunset falls for summer run are a tad higher. Plus there were a lot caught it seems this year. Any thoughts on the winter run?
  9. We fished Sekiu last Sunday. We finally gave up around noon with the silver skunk still on our rods (thank God for rockfish though). When we came in the WFW guy only checked 3 fish all day ....and there was at least a hundred or so boats out there fishing for them. It's like a repeat of last year but without the pinks salmon to give us some love.
  10. Early returns for Skagit winter run steelhead are extremly disappointing. I wold ventrue to say the Skagit could very well be closed all winter.:rolleyes:
  11. Thanks for all the well-considered answers. How refreshing to get these responses instead of the all-too-common "go and find out for yourself, moron" responses which seem common these days. I'll go and give it a shot, and if I catch anything, I'll post a report.


  12. Matt -
    While the summer returns to date at Sunset Falls (646 fish) is slightly better than it was last year (final count 577) it is well below average. The other season final counts since 2000 have all been over 1,000 fish with more than 2,000 fish in both 2000 and 2001. As often is the case the preception of how good fishing is depends as much on conditions as it does the run size.

    That is the bad news; by the way the Sunset Falls counts can be found at -

    the good news is that the last decade the survival of winter and summer steelhead appear to be going in opposite directions. Returns last year would seem to indiciate that winter survivals may have finally turned the corner and mabe improving. If I were forced to look into the old crystal ball (stored away collecting dust) I would forecast winter steelhead (both hatchery and wild) to continue to improve with the returns better than last year.

    Kerry -
    I have to disagree - the Skagit winter run counts to date are exactly what would be predicted for this date. Based on that information the run will be exactly as forecasted.

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  13. I talked to a hatchery fish & wildlife guy this AM. He said that ocean conditions were ideal and the return is strong - but that the fish have just been zeroing in on the hatcheries and not hanging out. Based on catches, I am not sure that I beleive that.

    The tribal netters that I have spoken to said that they are way down as well.

    I've been out for the last few days - fishing hard - with little to show for it. Great weather but it is a shame to piss away the gas.
  14. I published this report last year, but it seems appropriate to re-state here:

    We had our annual trip to the Prince Rupert area for the usually awesome coho fishing in August. While we still had some great fishing (2 to 12 per day), it was nothing like the last couple of years. More importantly, the usually unbelievable fishing in the islands to the west of where we were located was completely devoid of fish. Add to that was the August report from the Charlottes that it has been horrible for coho. The Sept. 1 report from the M.V. Marabell was "coho have been elusive". Just wanted to share my piece of the pie.

  15. Check out www.prismkites.com. I have been treavelling with a stunt kite in one of the boat's hatches. If the fishing sucks, which it has, :beathead: I pull over to a beach with wind and start flying.

    It is strangley like fishing - big pull on the line - something doing acrobatic manuvers - and no limits. Chicks dig kites too. :thumb:
  16. Do they like the big kites or the smaller ones? Loaded question, tonque in whatever. Daryle
  17. Sea Lice major problem for salmon survival

    Go out to the environmental news network. Seems the pen hatcheries have resulted in a massive increase in sea lice and they are killing the fingerlings - up to 90 percent in some cases. And the have posted in the scientific journals that there is a clear relationship now with pen raised commercial salmon, sea lice and the declines of the salmon in the pacific. The article puts the blame on the many hundreds of commerical pen hatcheries along the BC coastline but I am sure we here in the US are at fault too.


  18. My latest observations over the last couple days. Didn't see any Silvers in the Skagit at Rockport. What Silvers I saw in the lower Skykomish are gone, nothing rolling. Worked the beach at Picnic Point yesterday and it was dead. Usually there are seal everywhere when they are in, nothing. Last week you could see lots of boats out trolling between the Muk and Deadmans ferry routes. I saw one lonely boat yesterday trolling from possession to Edmonds. I don't know, but I think we have gone from still early to they're late and slowly but surely, the run is over.
  19. Makes me wonder sad thoughts...boss man went out sunday from Everett to the west side of the bar and caught an 11 lbs.'er and a 2 lbs.'er... When he came in around 1pm that day the checker at the marina had only counted around 6 fish...

  20. I think the dry year is the main reason for our lack of of fish. The fish seem to stay out in the big salt much longer and by time the rains come they only have sex on their minds and raceing to their gravel bed big party. I did catch one hatchery male of 3 pounds last week. When I cleaned it the stomach was as big around as my finger and was hard and empty. There was plenty of natural bait around so if eating had been on its mind it could have feasted. I know that one fish is a small statistical sample but I must work with what I am given. In years past when the rain came late we watched them race past without stopping to play.


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