"Poor coho run"

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Fishful Thinking, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. salt dog card shark

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    I was at Picnic pt this morning working the beach with Finnfisher only saw one coho bust the surface in 2 hours. One nice SeaRun to hand, but that was it. One seal working the far rip.
  2. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    "Second hottest, dryest year on record here"...shouldnt be hard to figure.
  3. gt Active Member

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    talked with a federal bio this afternoon while scanning the horizon for boats, any boat, fishing in the dungness bay special coho season (none spotted so reelfast remains tied up). this guys take on the coho this year is all about poor ocean conditions 2 yrs ago. i don't know how true this is, just sayin'. i am driving up to the hatchery tomorrow sometime to see if i can chat up a state bio and get their take on this.
  4. Smalma Active Member

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    I agree with the poor ocean conditions during the spring of the 2005 and don't understand why folks have a hard time accepting that the run is poor. Remember the unusual warm water along the coast with no bait. Heck in the tuna were closer than the salmon for a while. The coho smolts leaving the Puget Sound area would have encountered those conditions as they were arriving to the offshore areas.

    The dry conditions this year would likely have little to do with this year's adult run size. If they fish did hold of shore some it might account for some of the severe "lockjaw" condition being reported. It however may be very bad news for next year's smolts. Low flows equal less freshwater rearing areas (carry capacity is reduced). The low flow conditions in the late 1980s yielded smaller run sizes.

    Over the long haul great runs will be "balanced" by poor runs - that is the nature of average.

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  5. martyg Active Member

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    Ummmm... I've lived here for four years now. Where are the geat runs that are supposed to balance the poor ones? Did they happen in the 70's?
  6. Smalma Active Member

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    For much of the north Puget Sound area the largest terminal run sizes was in 2001. With restriction in various Canadian fisheries in recent years we have been seeing a much larger portion of the total run sizes getting to Puget Sound.

    Some of the highest marine survivals were seen in the early1980s.

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  7. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    the susitna silver run rocked this year because the keani comm nets weren't put out untill the last week of july which let a ton of cohos through, the keani also had a killer run so the coho run was pretty good in the state overall. I think the yukon had a slow year or just people weren't fishing for them because of the price of gas (the yukon has comm setnetting and fishwheels most of the way to the canadian boarder)
  8. Tony Tony

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    Read the states weekender report, the fish are here but they just aren't feeding like usual and now most of the runs have gone over to the waiting stage, I saw alot of staging salmon on tues. south sound, big healthy jumping around but not at all interested. I think the weather did us in.
  9. gt Active Member

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    went up to the dungness r. hatchery this am. all the doors were wide open, wandered around everywhere, not a soul in sight, interesting.

    went down to the trap pond. this is the whole truth 12 coho!

    i would guess the largest of these fish might weigh in at perhaps 4#. they were all pretty dark already and thin as snakes. of course there is a pretty minimal flow in the river at this point so maybe there will be more returning if it ever rains.
  10. hendersonbaylocal Member

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    I have seen some big silvers around but who knows if they will even make it to the fresh water. Lots of beach nets out.
  11. Fishful Thinking Member

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    Well, its raining now, so maybe we'll see a little action this weekend?
  12. Matt Burke Active Member

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    I was up on the Skykomish this morning, thinking the same thing when the rain started. A couple minutes later, the rain stopped and the rocks didn't even get wet.