Poor eastside steelhead rivers.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Panhandle, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Was that you I rowed by at the Miller Hole with the bobber rig?:rofl:
  2. Yep, the internet is ruining fishing. Shame people ( guides) are blogging how wonderful the E side rivers are to make a buck::rofl::rofl:

  3. Bleh, never mind. This thread needs to die.
  4. Yup so many guides on the river, I don't need to wade I can walk across each boat to the other side. NOT...
  5. Great thread, I enjoy all the wonderfully insightful messages. Thank you Eastside rivers! By the way I'm a visual guy and the times I've hooked fish at the end of a drift or when I've turned my back to my indicator, I've always been a bit bummed that I didn't get to see it go under. So for those of you who still use the whole argument that everyone would prefer to catch a fish swinging, please give it up, please? I will not begrudge the fact that you enjoy a good tug, I prefer a peep show.

  6. Seems like only you want to have that argument.

    Go Sox,
  7. I'm begging to think you guys don't actually fish for steelhead, but rather just whine about not getting out. I know most of you guys here could out fish me hands down. I've only been out twice this year, went 3 for 5 on the first trip and 3 for 10 on the second. If there's a steelie in the run, it can be caught. Come on guys, if I can catch them I KNOW you can.
  8. Steelhead? I thought we were talking about whitefish. Who the hell wants to fish for them damn ole over grown trout. Damn things mess up my whitefish fishing.
  9. ^^ list this as "things the game warden does not believe"
  10. I hear that!
  11. Peep show, I didn't know there were any still around
  12. Dude, you'd better check the regs. I could be wrong but I think whitefish doesn't open 'til Dec 1. Geez, people poaching our wild, native whitefish! What will it be next?! Our native pikeminnow? Is nothing sacred anymore?
  13. Let's see how does that go..top excuses to game wardens I've heard. My buddy told me it was ok to do that, or gee I didn't know.
  14. Huh?

    You must have missed something. Then again I actually read every one of these posts before posting myself so if you didn't there is no way I could argue who is better here.

  15. "The lady at the 76 station where I bought this bait said I could use it here."
  16. It's a 2 year old thread. Any mention of nymphing (Christian's excluded) was 2 years old.

    Go Sox,
  17. The best one (and I witnessed this personally) was The sudden lack to speak English. No lie, I was talking to a guy explaining he can't use bait (he was speaking perfect English). When the officer showed up, all of a sudden he couldn't "understand" what the patrolman was saying.
  18. Huh again? Mentioned in this thread and more often and more recent than 2 years ago. Just saying. Besides, and I know this is treasoness, I don't just nymph, sometimes I indicator fish swinging flies. I think I just heard a sudden intake of breath from the forum. I wonder if Haig would have indicator fished with nymphs if he would have know how well it worked? I wonder how "tradition" would look different. Oh to only have a time machine and alternate time lines to explore.

  19. The officer just needs to say he's shooting anyone in brown shoes. Pablo no hablo will look down to see what shoes he has on.

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