Poor eastside steelhead rivers.

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  1. While this thread may be two years old, the situation is still the same. A growing population and decreased fishing opportunity will mean crowded rivers well into the future. While driving home from my third trip in three years to northern BC to fish steelhead, I came to the conclusion that I really have no desire anymore to fish rivers like the Sky, Cow, or even my beloved Skagit. The appeal just isn't there anymore, especially after spending a week in BC. However, I still have a great desire to fish the eastside rivers for summer steelhead.
  2. Just got home. Went out that way again despite my better judgement. We got skunked 2 of three full days (and the creel checker was shocked we had even caught fish. we were the first of 20 she talked to who had hit anything). Lots of people, very few fish.
  3. I don't think anyone cares. Keep having an argument with yourself.

    Go Sox,
  4. Die thread die.
  5. The river I fished had very wobbly rocks. Not too slick, just so many were unstable. Did nymph, swing and skate. Made lots of casts and got to hear my drag make some noise. If they keep putting hatchery fish into them we all have a duty to behave ourselves and bonk them before they deposit their DNA into the gravel.
  6. cmon guys is there really a river that does not get fished hard if we want to blame any one for the crowds on our local rivers lets blame our local shops posting on there web pages and GUIDES taking new comers fishing, people pay for 1 or 2 trips and then they take all there friends and use every tactic they have learned from the guide its the nature of the beast we all learned from someone else some showed each of us how at some point. The rivers will always have pressure but its the guy who knows and i mean really knows the water that will bring more chrome to the net.
  7. I think that you'd be wrong and you continuing to post replies tells me that I have a partner to this arguing thing, so wrong again.

  8. More people come to this river from what they have read or what a buddy said then any amount that come from guides taking people out That and the bs reports that some people and certain guides put up on web sites.
  9. I read a recent glowing report from a guide service who hadn't even been out yet (according to multiple sources on the water).
  10. Evan, I bet I know who that is.
  11. I was the recipient of some interesting information. I'd like to flame on about it because being misled, or worse, really seems unnecessary. Funny thing, I like the guy and those in his circle. I guess I've done him wrong somehow for him to send me on a wild steelchase.
  12. Mumbles, ?
  13. No Methow, I did not give myself information about a location I had not actually fished, but someone did. 'Nuff said online. Will make for a funny story around a campfire or lodge table about a funny one being pulled on the Mumbler.
  14. Ok got ya, getting a little slow er tired from watching people cast all day.
  15. Someday all of our rivers will be closed.

  16. And S Andros will still have bonefish....... I hope.
  17. The internet is also creating lazier people,the youth of today would rather stay home on their ass looking at the internet,blogging,gaming,online dating ect kids now days are doing less outdoors every year. When I was a kid I was outside playing,fishing,hunting. I would jump at the chance when my father allowed me to skip school for the opening day of hunting season (deer,elk,turkey,bear), as a father that had his son in the field since he was in diapers, sat with him while he got his gun permit, bought him a new Browning 243 WSM and a 20 GA only to have him tell me on opening day of turkey season that he did not like hunting!!!bawling: We have lost sight of why the Methow and Wenatchee rivers are open, it's to rid the river of hatchery fish period the wild fish are released unlike the over crowding of rivers in the past and the bonking of wild fish. Still only 20% of anglers catch 80% of the fish like anything else because we know what we are doing and are willing to work 10x harder. The crowds on the Methow are really not that bad, I have fished the met the last two weekends and have had no problem finding solitude or fish. If you are having a hard time with crowds on the methow get away from the miller run lol and you should be fine.

    Get off the internet and go fish!!:beathead:
  18. how about a hint from a guide , where besides miller hole can you catch a steely on the methow? and don't worry later in life your kid may want to hunt & fish.

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