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  1. I have a technical question. This question is about the Miyawaki Popper but may pertain to articulated flys in general. I tye the popper hook, (Gamatsu Octopus, size 2 and four) on 25 pound Maxima as Leland suggests, secured to a Mustad 34007 size six stainless. The Octopus is an up eye hook. So, when I tighten the Maxima on the eye of the hook I have the choice of folding the loop over the shank of the hook or over the maxima itself, which is much more difficult. Folding the line over the shank of the hook seems to make the hook stiffer. The line folded over itself allows more swivel of the hook.

    When I fish this fly with the line folded over the the hook shank the hook often does not stay in alignment with the shape of the fly because of the stiffness of the monofilament. Now, tonight, I slipped the monofiliment over itself, leaving the hook much more articulated, and my sense is that the energy of the cast will straighten the hook and allow it to align itself with the shape of the fly. My question is, which is the better way to loop the maxima, over the shank of the hook or over itself.

    I will revel in any comments between technical analysis, conservation, and the meaning of life.


  2. I loop the mono over the hook shank as it affords a straight pull down the hook and leader up my flyline and straight into the guides of the rod and to my waiting hands.

  3. Leland,

    Ahhggh, a comment about the meaning of life imbedded in the exoteric.

    Thanks Leland.

  4. Leland,

    Having seen, I have incurred a guilt that should be expiated by my own diligence. Still, in my hopelessness, I have one more question: How much pink, and where?

  5. I have substituted pink or salmon colored hackle for the grizzly and shrimp Krystal Flash for the mixed colors. All else remains the same.

  6. You can also use marabou instead of bucktail; pink/white, chart./white, etc, in addition to incorporating any flash that seems appropriate for the color scheme you're attempting to mimick. The marabou has much more movement than the buckail and doesn't seem to foul. I'm thinking of tying some with nothing but various colors of angle hair just for experimental purposes. You might try adding small stick-on type eyes to the foam cone using crazy glue for those moments when the popper is pulled or sucked under the surface...just an additional touch of realizm if you like.
  7. Put a dropper on your popper and double your fun.

    Jim Koolick
  8. Jim Koolick created a fly in Les Johnson's new book called Nothing with an Attitude. It has worked extremely well for me as a dropper under Leland's Popper. It is available at Patrick's Fly Shop. Check it out. Steve
  9. I"ve used Leland's popper throughout the Pacific from Puget Sound to the Queen Charlottes to the AB line. I've taken both pink and coho salmon with it in situations where there were a lot of fish around. The color really didn't seem to make much difference. The same has proven true for me in Puget Sound.
    As for adding a dropper, that is like using Leland's superb popper as a strike indicator in my view. How far we saltwater fly fishers have fallen. I've always found the Popper to be all I need to bring them up.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson

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