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  1. or this

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  2. somthing more like this: use foam or deer hair and clip to that shape, I've found putting tubing over it makes it sink too much. I want it to sit in the surface film for a long time in between strips, make it look like a dying smolt.
  3. It looks like you are doing this from a boat, Is this a method that I would see results in off the beach as well?
  4. I like that "lord of the fry's" style fly too, but I don't know how I would do that with deer hair. spun or pulled back deer hair? flash?, Looks like I'll be doing some experimenting later.
  5. I've been fishing for cutts from beaches. Although the boat is great for getting around, nothing like the simplicity of hitting a beach for a few hours with just a few flies and your rod.
  6. I'm finding that this is also working for me. I've been using nothing finer than 6# fluoro on my 4 wt rod, and 8# on my 6 wt. for my cutthroat fishing, as well as for all of my streamer fishing for trout in rivers and lakes, and I seem to get planty action. Works fine with a non-slip mono loop. I have been using just the "cheaper stuff," but I think I will not scrimp on leader and tippet in the future. 4X seems way too light for cutthroat beach fishing and streamer fishing, unless you are using small flies. 3X is as light as I usually go any more. Often I am using 8# 2X fluoro. I think I'm going to upgrade to the Fluoroflex Plus. And I really do prefer fluoro, because it sinks. Avoid the cheaper stuff, like Seaguar red fluoro. I borrowed some of that, and I thought it was inferior, loser crap, due to making weaker knots. It lost me a good fish. Pay up for the good stuff if ya wanna play with the big fish and win.

  7. I strongly agree. All that time, energy and money spent, and then the absurdity of losing a good fish due to scrimping on tippet. Tch tch. I am always trying to root out false economies.

    However, today, although I know better, I was guilty of using the tip of my rod to free a fly from a submerged log. I broke a rod tip once doing that. Actually, I have done that twice. I was very careful today, though.:rolleyes:

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  8. That is one beautiful boat.
  9. Hey thanks! Best part: fits in the garage. Perfect place to take a nap and think about the next fishing outing.
  10. Holy crap I want to be you.
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