Poppers in rough water?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Joe Fox, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Has anyone here had any luck with the miyawaki popper on rough water? I was out yesterday evening and the wind and current we're ridiculous. The wind was actually bending my rod. Casting was interesting, all I had to do was stick my rod out and the wind would take out my popper. I could hardly see it at times due to the rough water and got nothing. I switched to a chartreuse and white clouser and got a couple hits and had one hooked but he jumped on me and I lost him in the air.
  2. Usually if the wind is up and I'm on the water I make it a point to go sub surface with a weighted fly.
  3. I have had some of my most outrageous days fishing my popper in the wind. They have usually been in the fall for big coho.

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  4. Thanks for responding Leland! I won't hesitate to tie one on next time I have rough water. This was only my second time using your popper. I haven't caught anything yet but I'm excited for some top water action from the beach.
  5. A light to moderate wind and subsequent wind riffles on the water is good for covering the impacts of line and leader in popper fishing. And in heavier waves and chop you can really get a popper working. I have noticed that boat wakes and waves rolling into the beach can scatter the bait near the shore, and cause fish to strike at them, often on the surface.
    Bait fish and salmon smolt in schools have a rough time near the surface and in turbulent flows, like drop offs, eddy lines etc. And when they get pulled into rougher flows, or heavier breaking waves and in surf, they tend to panic, or at least they appear to behave erratically and scatter apart. This seems to turn some fish on. Especially Cutthroat. http://olympicpeninsulaflyfishing.blogspot.com
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