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    Jerry, most likely, you are talking about these. They were originally made by Edgewater. These are the bodies I now use the most for new patterns. I like them because they do give a little when the bass bite down so you have a better chance of a hook-up.

    They are a tad difficult to find because most shops do not carry them.

    There is a number of different style bodies available: frog, dinks, pencil poppers, cones, half cones, salt water, sliders.

    The hole is drilled through the center so there is no slot. They are very easy to install over hooks and one reason I prefer them. I use Testers or Vinyl paint to add color as desired. You can clear coat them if you want but I don't believe it is necessary.

    Both of the poppers in the first photo were made with Rainy's bodies.
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    Yup, those would be the ones. :)

    I am an innovator for Rainy's, so get a bit of their stuff. Had a bunch donated to my PHWFF program from them (well, ALL SORTS of popper and misc stuff). We use sharpees alot and then clear coat the body after. I do have a small spray gun (hobby style) that I use as well and then clear coat. :)
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    PPP, interesting frog pattern. Obviously, it works.
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    Bend the hooks such that when installed upside down the hook shank hangs down acting like a keel while the point rides up making the popper weedless.